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The Starjammer is a highly advanced a Fearless-class Shi'ar Dreadnought.[1] It was stolen by a band of rebel space pirates formed by Corsair called the Starjammers, who have used the ship ever since.[2] Over the decades, the Starjammers have periodically replaced it with newer upgraded models of Fearless-class Dreadnoughts, the latest model being a Starjammer Mark 2.[3]

Schematics of Starjammer

There was a period during which the Starjammer was actually in the possession of the Skrulls after a group of Warskrulls had replaced the Starjammers, along with members of the Shi'ar government. During that period the Starjammer was used while the Warskrulls committed atrocities across the Shi'ar Galaxy. The X-Men eventually discovered the Skrull infiltration, after which they would liberated the ship, freed the imprisoned Starjammers as well as others, and saved the Shi'ar Empire.[4]


  • Propulsion: Shi'ar Par-Meson hyperlight engine that provides an output of up to 200 terajoules.[1]
  • Systems: A neural interface,[5] which used to have a sentient computer that operated the Starjammer,[6] until it was badly damaged in a clash with the Shi'ar.[7] The Starjammer came equipped with a teleportation system that has a 50,000 km radius range,[3] and its arboretum was later transformed by the planting of a Flower of Krakoa, which was a gift from Cyclops, Havok, and Vulcan to their father, into a Krakoan Gateway, a pathway leading directly to the island of Krakoa in the South Pacific.[8]
  • Defenses: Force field and the ability to self-repair by the use of robot technicians and nanotechnology.[3]
  • Weapons: Two dorsal turrets with five 30 m particle beam cannons, a ventral turret with eight 42m particle-beam cannons, and ten forward facing 27m high-joule particle beam cannons.[1] The latest models also come with holoweaponry.[3]

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