Starjammer 001
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Starjammer Mark II
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38.21 miles (length) and 4.16 miles (width)[1]
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The Shi'ar starship used by the Starjammers.

The Starjammer is a highly advanced and stolen Shi'ar vessel, a Fearless-class Dreadnought[1]. It was stolen by a band of rebel space pirates called "The Starjammers" formed by Corsair who have ever since used the ship.[2]

Over the decades, the Starjammers have periodically replaced it with newer upgraded models of the Fearless-class of dreadnoughts. The newest model being the Starjammer Mark 2[3]. It was recently taken back into custody by The Shi'ar.

Starjammer from X-Men Spotlight on Starjammers Vol 1 1

Schematics of Starjammer


  • Propulsion: Shi'ar Par-Meson hyperlight engine that provides an output of up to 200 terajoules[1]
  • Systems: neural interface[4] and it used to have a sentient computer (Waldo) which operated the Starjammer[5] until it was badly damaged in a clash with the Shi'ar.[6] It comes equipped with a teleportation system that has a 50,000 km radius range[3].
  • Defenses: Force field and the ability to self-repair by the use of robot technicians and nanotechnology.[3]
  • Weapons: Two dorsal turrets with five 30 m particle beam cannons, a ventral turret with eight 42 m particle-beam cannons, and ten forward facing 27 m high-joule particle beam cannons[1]. Newest models also come with holoweaponry.[3]

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