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The Starjammers appear in the five-part episode "Phoenix Saga" led by Corsair (Major Christopher Summers). In this episode, the Starjammers attack the X-Men and steal the M'Kraan crystal, in hopes of trading in to D'ken so that Corsair can get close enough to kill him. However, D'ken knew of their plan and tricked them, and got hold of the M'Kraan crystal. The Starjammers have to work with the X-Men to destroy D'ken. Hepzibah, Raza Longknife, Ch'od, and Cr'reee were the Starjammers that appeared along with Corsair in the "Phoenix Saga." Corsair later appeared in the episode "Orphan's End." In this episode, Corsair is on the run from a corrupt Shi'ar police officer, and he comes to Earth. Later, he finds out that Cyclops is his son. They first accuse Storm of being a traitor and attack her, but after she explains to the Starjammers what was happening they help Cyclops and Corsair defeat the officer.[citation needed]




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