Quote1 The flesh of the Stark-Father died long ago. But what he built lives on. We are Stark-Self. We are the last A.I. Quote2
-- Stark-Self


In the early twenty-first century, Apocalypse resurfaced, bringing with him his endgame, the Great Trials. Anthony Stark perished, but not his creations: Stark-Self, the last artificial intelligence.

When the time-displaced X-Men, carrying an ark containing six-hundred mutant embryos, made their way to Stark-Self on Omega World, they were approached by the synthetic lifeforms. The machines detected they were mutants, a race that Apocalypse deemed unworthy of survival, and ordered them to leave or be destroyed. Ernst pleaded with them to at least save No-Girl. Though hesitant to defy Lord Apocalypse, out of a trace of compassion left by their creator, Stark-Father, the Stark-Self agreed to allow the Machine Men to repair No-Girl, but after that the mutants would have to leave.[2]


Habitat: Artificial


Type of Government: Unknown
Level of Technology: Highly advanced

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