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During the second invasion of Earth by the Martian Masters in 2001, Tony Stark (Iron Man) of Earth-691 launched an arsenal of technology into space, believing that it would be devastating for the Martians to possess such technology. The rocket carrying the technology slingshot past the sun, where it was accelerated by gravity and launched far beyond the Sol system. After an untold number of years, the rocket eventually crashed on an alien world, landing near a tribe of primitive blue- and purple-skinned aliens. After a few years, the tribe eventually overcame their fear of the crashed rocket, and investigated, finding a cache of Stark technology.[1]

Over the centuries the Stark would study and learn from the technology as they grew into an industrial civilization. The young race even went so far as to name their race and their planet after their new, iron-clad god. The Stark made it a point of pride to see that every member of their race possessed a custom suit of armor. For a time, the Stark lived a golden age of technological achievement, and erected a large golden statue of Tony Stark.[1][2]

The Stark were ravenous, however, and emulation of their idol eventually depleted the planet Stark of its resources. Their factories polluted the air, and eventually all Stark lived in artificial domes. The Stark soon began conquering other worlds for their resources, ruining them as they had ruined their own world. This eventually brought them into conflict with Guardians of the Galaxy.[3]

Powers and Abilities


  • Some Stark may be augmented by genetic modification.


  • Each Stark possesses a suit of customized armor based on Tony Stark technology. Though the exact abilities of the suits vary from Stark to Stark, most jet boots, blades, repulsors and other blasters are common.



(natural) temperate; (current) polluted with life sustained in artificial domes


Type of Government

A council of matriarchs heading a militaristic hierarchy.

Level of Technology

Advanced interstellar ships with faster-than-light star-drives; domes sustaining artificial environment and connected by pneumatic tubes; Advanced weapons systems primarily based on the technology of Tony Stark.

Cultural Traits

Though ravenous and ruthless in pursuing power and resources, the Stark are also governed by a system of tribal and personal honor. Names are considered a badge of honor, and to be stripped of ones name is considered the harshest punishment for failure. Stark society is matriarchal, and all military commanders and political leaders seem to be female. Stark warriors even remain somewhat reluctant to attack female opponents, and tend to "pull their punches" when doing so. The Stark worship Tony Stark as a god.



  • The Watcher notes in Guardians of the Galaxy #2 that if Stark knew the damage the rocket full of technology would do to the Stark, he would have simply destroyed the arsenal. In response to the obvious question, "why didn't he do that anyway," later writers would suggest that Stark was under the influence of alcohol.

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