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After corporate raider Obadiah Stane's hostile takeover of Stark International, which was renamed Stane International,[4] inventor and businessman Tony Stark started a new company based in the californian Silicon Valley.[3]

When Tony Stark died and was replaced by an alternate younger counterpart,[5] through a previosuly recorded holo-message Stark appointed Abe Zimmer and Bambi Arbogast as Senior Board Members, Bethany Cabe and Happy Hogan as Co-Chief Executive Officers and Jim Rhodes and Pepper Potts as Trustees.[6]

Stark Enterprises was later sold to a relatively small japanese firm named Fujikawa Industries,[7] which obtained 99% of Stock Ownership, while Rumiko Fujikawa, granddaughter of Fujikawa Industries' President Kenjiro Fujikawa,[8] was given 1% of the stock.[1] Fujikawa Industries, renaming itself Stark-Fujikawa, appointed Tony's cousin Morgan Stark as General Manager of Stark Companies' North American Operations.[2]

At some point, Stark-Fujikawa rebranded Stark Enterprises as Stark Industries.[1]

When Kenjiro and Rumiko Fujikawa agreed to cede Tony Stark 51% of the Stark Industries' Stock Ownership, Stark ultimately reobtained control of his former company as the majority shareholder.[1]

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