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Quote1 Sentinels. Murder machines created to hunt down and eliminate mutants. Reprogrammed in this instance to target heroes. I've destroyed countless Sentinels in my time... but I admit this situation comes with an unique feeling of satisfaction. Finally... these "heroes" know what it's like to be the target of such hate. Finally... they will know what it means to have Magneto defending them. Quote2


Under the influence of the Red Skull, Tony Stark designed a model of Sentinels based on the lingering knowledge in his brain of different super heroes which he had acquired after the Civil War. The villain also used his powers to tamper Stark's memories so he didn't even remember creating these Sentinels.

When the Red Skull became the Red Onslaught, and the Avengers arrived to Genosha to stop him, he deployed the Stark Sentinels.[1] The Stark Sentinels managed to take down every hero but Iron Man, who was saved at the last minute by a gang of super villains gathered by Magneto.[2] A Sentinel was finished off by the Absorbing Man after absorbing its Adamantium coat, and the other one was destroyed after the Red Skull was defeated once the Scarlet Witch and Doctor Doom cast an inversion spell. All the heroes held prisoners inside the Sentinels then were broken free.[3]

One of the Stark Sentinels was retrieved by A.I.M., who attempted to access its database. They were interrupted by the Descendants, who wanted the Stark Sentinel to join their ranks. In the end, the Stark Sentinel was deactivated when the Avengers arrived to the scene to confiscate the robot and Hank Pym used a neural inhibitor to shut it and the Descendants down.[4]


The Stark Sentinels had the capability to counter their target's strengths, and bathe them in Pym Particles to shrink them and hold their target prisoner within themselves. However, as the Stark Sentinels were derived from Tony Stark's files on superheroes, they were not able to counter most supervillains.[2]


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