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Stark Solutions was a company founded by businessman Tony Stark when Stark Enterprises had been taken over by Fujikawa Industries. Stark Solutions had its headquarters at Flatiron District's Stark Tower in Manhattan, New York City.[1]

Countess Stephanie de la Spiroza contacted Stark Solutions as a cover to have Iron Man, believed to be Stark's bodyguard, protecting her from Andreas Kapelos, who wanted to take over her company.[2]

Later Stark Solutions developed jointly with Stark-Fujikawa a new internet researching system, known as Starkware. Tony was invited by Fujikawa's President Kenjiro Fujikawa to a meeting at Isla Suerte to present the new line.[3]

Several years later, Stark Solutions was relanuched by Tony Stark as a subsidiary of his newest company, Stark Unlimited.[4]


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