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The Stark Tower was designed by Tony Stark with the intention to serve as a gleaming beacon of modern architecture.[12] The building was constructed in the intersection of 58th and Broadway,[13] in the vicinity of Columbus Circle, and approximately 10 blocks north of the Fantastic Four's Baxter Building. The Stark Tower is part of the Stark Tower Complex, built as a world-class financial and business facility to complement Midtown Manhattan's business district.[1] The Stark Tower was completed after four years of excavation and construction.[12] Though the tower itself cost $600 million to build, the land on which it stands was suspiciously cheap considering its prime location.[14]

The Stark Tower's original appearance

Shortly after the building's inauguration, and following the formation of the New Avengers, Stark donated the top three floors to serve as the team's base of operations, which he originally intended to use as his personal home.[12] The Stark Tower's status as the New Avengers' headquarters resulted in the building being colloquially known as the "Stark Tower


Formerly Tony Stark, Norman Osborn, Peter Parker, Mary Jane Watson, May Parker, Edwin Jarvis (Skrull impostor), Jessica Jones, among others.


  • The Stark Tower measured 1,138 ft. (1,707 ft. including the Sentry's Watchtower. The Watchtower also added 20 floors (reaching a total of 113 floors).[1]

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