When Tony Stark was subverted by Ultron, Starktech 9 immediately went on-line and approached the current Avengers.

It explained that in the event that Stark be terminated or rendered incapable, the Starktech 9 would go online to assist the Avengers or S.H.I.E.L.D. with the current crisis at hand. Ares distrusted the robot and sliced it in half. Only Henry Pym's word prevented him from fully trashing it.

It further explained the danger of Ultron controlling a series of weather-manipulating satellites.[1] They were able to repair the Starktech 9, and then set on a plan to defeat Ultron.

Starktech 9 approached Ultron at point-blank range, among the crowd of overtaken Iron Man's armors and then secretly released Ares, who was shrunk down to Ant size, determined to be the only Avenger Ultron had not encountered before. Ultron realized that Starktech 9 was immune to his control and destroyed it.[2]


Starktech 9 is a highly advanced artificial intelligence drone. As it is effectively independent of other technologies, even Stark's own networks, it is generally safe from viruses and outside infiltration. It is capable of flight. Weaponry includes repulsors and a uni-beam.

Strength level

Has about as much strength as any Iron Man armor.

  • Presumably there were Starktechs 1-8, and possibly subsequent models.
  • Its appearance is based on the original Iron Man armor.

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