Not much is known about the origins of the Starmen. They are an alien race unique to Earth-5391 a universe where space travel and technology boomed in the late 20th century. By the year 2075 the Starmen were a nomadic race led by Kop. They traveled the universe in a massive ship stealing space ships, presumably for the purposes of invasion. They took prisoner the crew of the ships they the captured, imprisoning them behind an energy fence that would jolt them with enough electricity to kill. The majority of the ships they stole belong to the Space Sentinels peace keeping force, capturing many of their soldiers, including Lieutenant Crash Morgan. Soon after Crash's capture, his comrades Captain Speed Carter and his sidekick Johnny Day were also captured by Kop and his minions. While Kop was showing off his operations, Speed pushed him into the energy barrier killing Kop and disrupting the field so the prisoners could escape. The Space Sentinels then retook their rocket ships and destroy Kop's massive ship. When a Starman invasion fleet tried to counterattack, the Space Sentinels abandoned their ships and sent them on a collision course with the Starmen vessels seemingly destroying them all[1]. If any Starmen survived remains to be seen.


Type of Government: The Starmen were led by a central ruler.
Level of Technology: Advanced, they had at least two kind of spaceships: Small craft that as well as a massive ship that could travel interstellar distances. The larger craft was armed with massive grabbing claws that could grab hold of objects such as other space ships. It had a massive flight bay as well as a prisoner hold that was guarded by an electrified energy field to keep the prisoners in one place. Touching the field would sent a lethal jolt of electricity through whomever touched it. However, if the field was disrupted by one body it compromised the security system allowing the other prisoners to potentially escape.
Cultural Traits: The Starmen appeared to be nomad who traveled through space stealing whatever they needed.
Representatives: Kop

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