Starr Ryder was the daughter of Professor Ryder, a notable archaeologist[1]. In the 1950s she joined her late uncle's circus as an equestrian rider. By 1951 during a string of seeming accidents Starr began to distrust Marvo the Magnificent a mind reader that worked for the circus. When Bob Grayson joined the circus as an acrobat, Starr attempted to warned him to be wary of Marvo. Unknown to Starr at the time was that Grayson was secretly the Uranian super-hero Marvel Boy, who was sent to investigate insurance claims by the circus by the Amalgamated Insurance Company. Marvo's mind reading powers alerted him of Gayson's alter ego and he sent his assistant Samson to steal the heroes Uranium pills. When Starr spied this happening and warned Marvel Boy, Marvo had her kidnapped and tied up in his tent. There she freed herself by cutting through her ropes on the side of Marvo's trunk and recovered Grayson's Uranium pills. She then turned them over to Marvel Boy who foiled the attempt on his life by Samson and Marvo and turned them over to the authorities.

Later, Starr and reporter Pete Mason summoned Marvel Boy to Earth to help investigate a strange fire that exploded inside a mine located in Pennsylvania. Marvel Boy agreed to help and prevented a massive explosion in the mine and stopped a group of communist spies who were responsible for trying to cause the mine to explode[2].

Starr later joined her father on an expedition into previously undiscovered tombs located in the catacombs of Sicily, Italy. Ignoring warning from the locals they entered the tomb where they were confronted by the Vampire Madame La Morte who took Starr's father and his assistants captive while Starr escape. She then summoned the aid of Marvel Boy who came to Sicily and slew Madame La Morete and her undead minions and rescued Professor Ryder[1].

Starr has not been seen since, her subsequent fate is unknown.


Starr Ryder is an accomplished equestrian.

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