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Bo'sun Stug-Bar, Major Kalum Lo, Zamsed, two unnamed others
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Starstealth was a group of Kree who sought vengeance for their world's defeat in the Kree-Shi'ar War. At first, they were satisfied to attack other races, ensuring that theirs was not the only race to suffer.[1] Eventually, they somehow located a Rigellian Recorder, which contained orders for them to destroy Wonder Man and the Vision for their roles in Hala's destruction.[2] They went into cryogenic suspension and headed for Earth.[1]

Once they arrived on Earth, Lo ordered the team to assault the Avengers Compound. While Force Works handled the team, Wonder Man headed into space to take care of the ion cannon Lo was firing from their ship in orbit. The explosion of the cannon dispersed Wonder Man's atoms, at the time thought to have been his death.[1]

Starstealth was incarcerated at the Vault and the Rigellian Recorder remained with Force Works, its true mission unknown to them. The Recorder eventually took over the security system at the Vault, allowing Starstealth to escape. Although Kalen Lo was captured, the others escaped. The remaining unnamed members did not survive the battle with Force Works that followed, but Stug Bar and Zamsed were captured. Kalum Lo, Stug Bar, and Zamsed were all turned over to the Interstellar War Tribunal.[3]


Equipment: Warsuits made from Kree Sentry technology
Transportation: Starship Retribution
Weapons: Ion cannon, Walking Sentry-head (mecha-like)

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