This rifle-like metallic weapon with a forked barrel was built by Doctor Doom. Instead of shooting slugs, the gun shoots an energy bolt to paralize enemies within an energy shell.[1][2] Impacted victims -as the machine can hit several people at once-[1] become prisoners, frozen in their positions and requiring no air or food, with their body functions interrupted - but they can perceive their surrounding and attempt to release themselves only once.[2] The process takes a few seconds after the hit to be completely effective; should the shooter stop the stream before that time, the prisoners would release themselves with the energy dissipating.[1][2] Otherwise, the shell will keep the prisoners immobile permanently, until it is removed by manipulating the rifle (specifically reversing the gun's polarity) or destroying it.[1][2] The hull theoretically could even paralyze the Hulk.[1][2] Sometimes, Doctor Doom outfits one of his Servo-Guards -only one member of a unit- with an operative unit of this device.[2]

Doctor Doom offered an operational model of this gun to his ally Sub-Mariner so that they could attack together the Hydrobase research center, that had been captured by the Sub-Mariner's enemies Attuma, Doctor Dorcas and Tiger Shark. Doom's plan included the Sub-Mariner paralyzing these enemies while Doom himself confronted Attuma's numerous troops; then, once the Sub-Mariner had succeeded, he could join Doom. However, once the Sub-Mariner shot his enemies, he found that this defenselessness was unsatisfactory and, for purposes of avenging properly, the Sub-Mariner destroyed the rifle, releasing his foes so that he could confront them fairly. While the Sub-Mariner succeeded, he took more time than expected and put in danger both Doom and Attuma's prisoners.[1]

While the Sub-Mariner destroyed the original stasis gun, Doom may have had manufactured mor eunits and kept them at Castle Doom armories.[2]

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