State University is one of the best private university's in the United States of America. It is located in Hegeman, New York State.

Reed Richards is the most famous graduate of State University. Richards' roommate Ben Grimm was also a noted All-American football player. Wyatt Wingfoot's father, Will, was also a tremendous athlete and decathlon star at the institution. A foreign exchange student form Latveria, Victor von Doom, was expelled from State University for conducting dangerous and illegal experiments. It was at this institution that von Doom and Reed Richards initially developed their rivalry.[1]

Charles Xavier and Scott Summers once visited the campus looking for mutants.[2]

Peter Parker also visited Hegeman as a senior in high school, but decided to enroll at Empire State University because he mistakenly thought Johnny Storm was going to enroll at State.[3]

Professor Gilbert created Dragon Man at the school and, after being animated by Diablo, it rampaged the campus.[2]

Returning to his alma mater, Reed Richards proposed to Sue Storm by the "Sweetheart Tree". Jane Mansfield also once lectured on philosophy at the University.[4]

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