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Quote1 ...The statue stays intact as long as I'm around. Forever... and always. Quote2
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The Statue of Liberty is one of the most iconic landmarks in the United States. Situated out in Liberty Island in New York Harbor it was a gift to the United States of America from France. It was erected on October 28, 1886. Since the early 1940s it has been the site of many confrontations among many of New York City's super-human population.

Spider-Man Human Torch Vol 1 1 Textless

Spider-Man Human Torch #1

World War II[]

The Statue of Liberty was used as the staging ground for the Sub-Mariner's first invasion of the surface world.[1] However, the Sub-Mariner was driven from the structure and sent into retreat following a battle against the Human Torch (Jim Hammond).[2] In 1942, the statue was destroyed by Japanese spy Moppino with an atom expansion ray, however it was quickly repaired.[3]

Modern Day[]

Traveling to Liberty Island hoping to lay low for awhile, since he was wanted for the callous murder of Jonathan Powers, Daredevil was followed there by the Jester, who attacked him once more. During the fight, a police helicopter arrived and when one of the police officers fell out, Daredevil saved his life. However, the officer Johnson injected him with a sedative and took DD into custody.[4]

At the Statue of Liberty, Captain America battled against Nighthawk, and managed to stop the villain from stealing the statue with his Hawk-plane.[5]

The Black Panther veered his flagship over the Statue of Liberty on his return trip to the Avengers Mansion from Wakanda.[6] The Wakandan leader has used this particular route more than once, as he was later intercepted and became involved in Spider-Man's battle with Stegron and his legion of dinosaurs around the statue. In the aftermath, a pterodactyl was webbed to the Statue of Liberty.[7]

The Avengers also repaired the Statue after it had been damaged by Gog in another battle.[8] During the team's repair effort, the media learned that a romance had developed between the Vision and the the Scarlet Witch.[9]

One night, because Man-Wolf was running around New York in rage, he was shot and hunted by Simon Stroud. Man-Wolf ran and Stroud followed him to Liberty Island, where the two of them ended up on top of the torch. As a result of the ensuing fight, Man-Wolf fell over and broke the railing and landed in the water beneath him. [10]

After one tiring day, the Hulk decided to spend the night on top of the Statue of Liberty, resting in her arm. Upon reading this in the news the next day, a socialite couple and their daughter, Samantha Parrington, decided to take on Hulk as a charity case. The family convinced him to climb down the statue by promising him a place of his own where no one would bother him.[11] Hulk would later return to the statue during a rampage and jump on top of her head to look out for the Sanctum Sanctorum. He was, however, interrupted by the NYPD who attacked him from helicopters. In his defense, he ripped off the torch-arm and threw it at one of the helicopters, completely destroying it.[12] The statue was later repaired, looking spanking new.[13]

During the battle against the Super Skrull, Ms. Marvel was punched so hard she went flying toward the Statue of Liberty. Thankfully, she was rescued by Spider-Man (Peter Parker), who snagged her with a web line and pulled her back to the cruise ship.[14]

One night, J. Jonah Jameson was kidnapped by Hitman, tied to a chair and placed on top of the Statue of Liberty's head. The kidnapper and kidnappee were followed by Spider-Man and Punisher, who came to Jameson's rescue. Hitman tried to escape on a remote-controlled helicopter, but Spider-Man pulled him down and caused the helicopter to crash into the statue's crown in the process. In the ensuing fight both Hitman and Spider-Man, who held on to Jameson, fell off the statue's head, yet managed to grasp the crown. Punisher decided to help up Spider-Man and Jameson, while Hitman let himself fall to his death.[15]

Later, the Fantastic Four would battle evil doppelgangers of themselves on top the Statue of Liberty's head.[16]

The Frightful Four came to the Statue of Liberty, a regular meeting place when Spider-Man and the Human Torch (Johnny Storm) would work with each other, in a bid to lure Spider-Man to this location. Once defeated the night watchers Earl and Roy, they snuck into Fort Wood to prepare themselves for the ambush. Once ready, they flamed a message over the Statue that Spider-Man would think was from the Human Torch. He arrived here with his guard down, but the 'Human Torch' he came to meet was really Electro in a specially made suit created by the Wizard that imitated the Torch's powers. The rest of the Frightful Four then joined the fight and easily overpowered the unprepared Spider-Man. After the fight ended, the Wizard revealed his intentions of posing as Spider-Man to get close enough to the Fantastic Four to destroy them.[17]

One night, the Power Pack saved the Statue of Liberty and several tourists inside from a gigantic alien ship that was going to crash into the statue.[18]

On another rainy night, a group of terrorists, positioned inside the Statue of Liberty's head, threatened to blow up the statue, yet Spider-Man easily defeated them.[19]

During a fight with Baron Strucker, Nick Fury was thrown over the edge of the railing on the torch-arm, though he was luckily caught by a jet, piloted by other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.[20]

During Maximum Carnage, Carnage held Venom captive and tortured him inside of the torch of the Statue of Liberty, though Venom eventually managed to escape.[21]

During a fight between the Thunderbolts and the Wrecking Crew, the torch-arm was separated from the statue again, when Piledriver threw a massive piece of debris in Meteorite's direction. However, the Thunderbolts later worked together to repair the damage that had been done.[22]

When Xorn, posing as Magneto, went on a rampage through New York, he almost completely destroyed the Statue of Liberty and Liberty Island.[23] The X-Men helped clear some of the wreckage[24] and the statue appeared fully intact again by the time the Exiles arrived in the main universe.[25]

The Statue of Liberty was damaged again during a conflict between Bucky Barnes and Sinthea Shmidt, who used explosives to destroy the statue's left eye.[26] The FBI was later seen dealing with the damages.[27]

Later on, it turned out that Hydra had built a lab underneath the Statue of Liberty, which was busted by the Avengers.[28]

For a while, the inside of the statue's crown became the residence of Captain Marvel.[29]

Glorianna teleported herself and Spider-Man (Miguel O'Hara) to the Statue of Liberty. She told him her backstory before teleporting away, leaving Spider-Man to swing back to the mainland.[30]

The Statue of Liberty was destroyed almost entirely during a fight between Rocket Raccoon and Kraven when the explosion of an oil tanker caused it to fall over and break apart.[31] It was seen intact again later.

The Statue of Liberty was severely damaged by Laufey during the War of the Realms,[32] though it appeared intact later. It was then damaged again by doombots,[33] though it was seen intact again later.

The head of the Statue of Liberty would later become the battle ground for Silk and Brawn against Scarecrow, whom they easily defeated.[34]

The torch-arm would be damaged again when the Human Torch stood on it for too long. Since he had no control of his powers, he accidentally melted part of the arm, which Spider-Man held in place with webbing until they could get help from the rest of the Fantastic Four.[35]

During Thor's visit on Earth, the elder god Toranos attacked the Asgardian with his powerful storms, destroying the Statue in process.[36] When Toranos was banished from Earth, Thor used the Odinforce to repair the statue.[37]

Alternate Universes[]

Kevin Sidney (Earth-1081) and Kevin MacTaggert (Earth-58163) from Exiles Vol 1 81 0001


On Counter-Earth, New York City is almost completely submerged under the Atlantic Ocean. This confused Proteus when he thought he was returning to Earth-616, but went to Counter-Earth instead.[38]


On Earth-212, the Statue of Liberty was built surrounded by several smaller Statues of Liberty.[39]


On Earth-295, the Statue of Liberty was at some point destroyed, though it was later reconstructed single-handedly by Magneto.[40]


On Earth-691, the Statue of Liberty appears to be mostly submerged in water up to her chest and severely damaged with most of the torch-arm missing.[41]


On Earth-1610, the Statue of Liberty was pushed off its tower by the Liberators[42], though it was seen back in its place later.[43] It was damaged again at some point during the Ultimatum event.[44] Later on, it was magically animated and, upon swallowing Johnny Storm, transported him into the Dark Dimension.[45]


Statue of Liberty from Batman Daredevil King of New York Vol 1 1 001

On Earth-7642, Scarecrow smuggled canisters of his fear toxin to the Statue of Liberty's torch. He planned to use an incoming storm to spread his toxin across New York City, but was tracked down by Batman, Daredevil, and Kingpin. Wayne and Fisk went to the head and ended up fighting each other while Murdock found Crane at the torch. He was sprayed with the toxin, but was able to resist its effects and apprehend the mad scientist.[46]


On Earth-10005, the first major conflict between the X-Men and the Brotherhood culminated inside and on top of the Statue of Liberty.[47]


Max Eisenhardt (Earth-13054) from New Avengers Vol 3 4 0001

In this reality, the Statue of Liberty was for some reason a Magneto effigy.[48] It was later destroyed by Galaktus, along with the rest of the planet.[49]


During the Cosmic Brick Crisis, Magneto used his Magnet powers to take control of the statue of liberty, using it to steal Roxxon's power source. Afterwards, Magneto decapitated Lady Liberty. He then took Liberty to Asteroid M, where he used Liberty to power it, then discarding the headless statue. S.H.I.E.L.D. were able to repair it.[50] Despite no longer being under Magneto's control, Liberty remained animate sometime afterward.[50][51]

After being moved to Chronopolis, the statue's face was replaced with Kang the Conqueror's.[52]


Earth-15097 from Fantastic Four World's Greatest Heroes Season 1 20

In Earth-15097, in place of the Statue of Liberty was a statue of the Human Torch of Earth-135263 due to him introducing early humans to fire.[53]


In the dystopian future of Earth-18138, the destroyed remains of the Statue of Liberty lie before a gigantic statue of Thanos.[54]


Statue of Liberty from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 5 25 001

On Earth-19925, Octopus Doctor planned to drop the Statue of Liberty on top of his arch-nemesis, Spider-Man, but the superhero thwarted him and knocked him off the statue, presumably killing him.[55]


On Earth-20051, the Statue of Liberty was at some point damaged by Magneto and was rebuilt with wings on its back.[56]


Earth-21230 from What If? World War Hulk Vol 1 1

On Earth-21230, Tony Stark bribed public officials to allow him to build on Liberty Island, advertising next to the Statue of Liberty.[57]


On Earth-21923, the Statue of Liberty was at some point replaced by a Statue of Doom.[58]


In the (animated) days of future past, the Statue of Liberty, along with other sections of New York, was severely damaged.[59]


In the Age of Ultron, the Statue of Liberty was severely damaged, missing its head and part of its torch-arm.[60]


This was another reality in which the Statue of Liberty had been replaced by a Statue of Doom.[61]


On this Earth, the Statue of Liberty was accidentally destroyed by Surtur, who leaned on it in an attempt to seduce what he thought was a giant woman.[62]


On this Earth, the Statue of Liberty can be seen severely damaged and mostly submerged in water.[63]


During a fight between Apocalypse and Archangel, the latter crashed into the statue's torch arm, causing the torch to catch on actual fire. Archangel then ripped of one of the spikes of the statue's crown to attack Apocalypse with, doing it further damage before his opponent took off.[64]


On this Earth, the Statue of Liberty was at some point under construction to have a giant replica of Captain America's shield added to her torch-arm. Much of the scaffolding was destroyed and the shield fell off during the final confrontation between Spider-Man and a group of antagonistic visitors from other Earths.[65]


On Earth-807128, the Statue of Liberty was almost entirely destroyed in a fight between Fantastic Force and Harpy.[66]


On Earth-812145, the Statue of Liberty, along with a large part of New York, was flooded by the powers of Doom.[67]


On Earth-10964, most of New York, including the Statue of Liberty, was destroyed at some point. The torch-arm, however, remained intact enough for Wolverine to stand on top of it to shoot and kill Doom the Living Planet.[68]


Statue of Liberty from Spider-Man Edge of Time 001

On Earth-TRN199, Walker Sloan influenced the design of the statue.[69]


This is another dystopian reality in which the Statue of Liberty was replaced with one of Doctor Doom.[70]


Earth-TRN461 005

On Earth-TRN461, Spider-Man's face was painted onto the statue.[71]


Statue of Liberty from Namor Conquered Shores Vol 1 1 001

On Earth-TRN973, much of the Earth's surface was flooded after the Kree melted the planet's polar ice caps, including the area around New York City, resulting in the Statue of Liberty to be flooded up to her torch-bearing right arm. Even after decades had past, the Statue of Liberty remained mostly underwater.[72]

Points of Interest


  • In Earth-1218, the Statue was designed by sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi (1834-1904) and built by engineer Gustave Eiffel (1832-1923). The Statue remains Bartholdi's most famous work, but Eiffel is better known for the Eiffel Tower in Paris.[73]
  • The Statue depicts the Roman goddess Libertas, a personification of liberty.[73] Her Greek counterpart is the goddess Eleutheria, who was also considered a personification of liberty, but was sometimes considered an aspect of Artemis.[74]
  • The Statue serves as a meeting place for Spider-Man and Johnny Storm, though the latter often found himself stood up for various reasons.[75][76][77]
  • A replica of the statue was built on Nu-World, though it, along with the rest of that world, was eventually destroyed by Galactus.[78]

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