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The Stealth-Hawk was an all purpose ship created by the Skrulls, the most advanced Bird-of-Prey in the Skrull armada, a prototype. It's primary function was to travel through space, allowing for faster than light travel. The ship was eventually captured by the Fantastic Four during a period in which they were prisoners on the Skrull throneworld of Satriani. They later used the Stealth-Hawk to escape.[1] This was during a period of time in which the Fantastic Four's leader Mister Fantastic was believed to be dead,[2] and as such, the team relied on the Stealth-Hawk as their primary mode of transport, likely because it was the most proficient vehicle they had in their arsenal. The ship served the team for a short period of time until Reed Richards was discovered alive and well and rescued from the clutches of Hyperstorm.[3] Upon Reed's return, the Fantastic Four abandoned use of the Steal-Hawk in favor of vehicles constructed and maintained by their leader. The fate of the Stealth-Hawk following its abandonment by the Fantastic Four is unknown.

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