The Steel Serpent was a martial arts instructor who was famous for his "Delayed Death Blow" technique. After he won top honors at a martial arts tournament at 19, he became obsessed with conquering K'un-Lun. He went to the mystical city twice to challenge Yu-Ti to a duel twice and lost both times. He travelled to the US to challenge Iron Fist to prepare for a third duel. Upon his arrival to the US, he killed the photographer Leslie Walker for taking a picture of him. Walker's friend, Tim Donahue, sought the help of Professor Wing and Iron Fist. During their duel, Steel Serpent's students poisoned Iron Fist with poisoned weapons and he was taken prisoner. Iron Fist managed to break out, and during their ensuing second duel, Iron Fist blocked Steel Serpent's Death Blow, resulting in a backfire that killed him[1].

There is no known connection to Steel Serpent (Davos), also an Iron Fist enemy.

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