Quote1 But I'll always remember you fondly, Nancy. After all... I've always had a thing for a doomed romance. Quote2
-- Stefan Klossner src

Stefan Klossner was a member of a group of Latverian college students that won a programming puzzle contest with the final prize being a trip to the Savage Land.[1] In reality, the contest had been set up by the administrators of this place, hoping to find the very best programmers from around the world to help them solve an issue with the alien device that powered the artificial climate of the area, due to its malfunction endangering the well-being of the Savage Land.[2]

Two fellow winners of the contest, American students Doreen Green and Nancy Whitehead encountered Stefan and his group while fetching their luggage. Stefan immediately fell in love with Nancy exchanged glances, with the feeling being mutual. They formally introduced to each other after Doreen tricked Stefan into mingling with Nancy while on a dinosaur safari.[1]

When the winners of the contest were presented with the predicament of the Savage Land, Stefan and his Latverian peers began to build a Doombot, as it was a standard problem-solving technique in their country. Doreen took another chance at setting Stefan up with Nancy by inviting him to join them for dinner and then leaving to the bathroom. Even though Stefan and Nancy were notably interested in each other, their clash of cultures, namely Stefan's obession with Doctor Doom, got in the way. They eventually managed to settle their political differences and ejoy the company of the other.

After returning to the lab from dinner, Stefan, Doreen and Nancy discovered an Ultron T-rex, which was behind the disappearance of components from the Savage Land's core.[2] As Doreen changed into her secret alter-ego of Squirrel Girl, Stefan had his team's Doombot, nicknamed Antonio by Nancy, confront Ultron. Unfortunately, Antonio was destroyed and its technology was assimilated by the evil A.I.[3]

When Ultron held the remaining humans captive so they could program him upgrades, Squirrel Girl confronted the robot to distract him from Stefan and Nancy, who proceeded to rally their peers to rebell against Ultron and find a way to shut him down. The plan was eventually successful, and Ultron was stopped, with the damage in the Savage Land's ecosystem being subsequently repaired. As the students departed the Savage Land, Stefan and Nancy decided to remain in contact as friends. Despite the mutual liking, both agreed they weren't ready to date.[4]

  • Due to Doctor Doom's hatred towards Squirrel Girl, Stefan was taught to despise her as well. Seeing Squirrel Girl in action and cooperating with her made Stefan see the error in his ways. This epiphany, as well as his friendship with Nancy Whitehead, helped Stefan become much more tolerant than his fellow Latverians.[4]

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