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Krueger was the leader of a band of mutants known as the Freaks. He purchased the X-Man Angel and the Nhu’Ghari Avia from sailors of a fishing ship when the two mutants were caught in their nets. He later captured Cyclops, Marvel Girl, and Angel's girlfriend Candy Southern when they came to rescue them, and was duped into selling them all to the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, whose member Mastermind paid him with illusionary money. Realizing he’d been had, Krueger and the Freaks returned to the Brotherhood to demand real payment, thus allowing the X-Men to capture him as well as the Evil Mutants and hand them over to the police. His current whereabouts and activities are unknown.

The X-Men tried to convince the Freaks, who were actually just deformed humans, to find a real life beyond the criminal career Krueger had them on. However, many if not all of them seem to have later become the criminal minions of Pink Pearl in her takeover of Clementine D’Arbanville’s circus, and wound up arrested thanks to Aurora and Northstar.



Power Negation: Krueger could suppress the mutagenic properties of others, neutralizing their super powers and reflecting them back on them to knock them unconscious.

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