Wade tipped Stephanie Briggs off to Lady Octopus' attack on the Central Park Zoo. She arrived on the scene with a phalanx of officers, just in time to arrest Override, Aura, and the Looter.[1]
Briggs encountered the Scarlet Spider on the roof of Dr. Octopus' Staten Island facility and tried to convince him to leave. He refused and saved her life when the top floor of the building exploded, freeing Ock's Scarlet Spider duplicate. The Spider followed his doppelganger to the city, leaving Briggs behind.[2]
Briggs led a team of agents to the ruins of Ock's base, where they uncovered the now nanite-infused form of Wade. Unrecognizable in his Scarlet Spider guise, Wade made a crack about Briggs' former weight problem and fled. Later, in Manhattan's FBI offices, Briggs was told by Stone to stay away from the Scarlet Spider investigation but was given lease to continue searching for Wade. Receiving a phone call from Wade, Briggs met him in Central Park, where he explained what happened to him and begged her to arrest him. Before she could respond, he transformed back into the Scarlet Spider and fled.[3]
Briggs was assigned to stalk out Wade's house and suspected that Stone's interest in Wade was based on his desire to study the nanotech embedded in his body. She was waiting for Wade when he returned from attacking the New Warriors and brought him inside when he passed out. In the morning, Wade transformed back into the Scarlet Spider and knocked Briggs unconscious before escaping.[4]
Recovering, Briggs sped to the TV studio where the Scarlet Spider held five hostages. She arrived just in time for the Spider to smash into her car. Staggering from the wreckage, the bloodied Briggs persuaded Wade to confront his pain and resist his programming - and promised to be there for him.[5]


None, human.

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