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Stevie Hunter was a ballet dancer until a broken leg that never healed correctly forced her to assume a teaching position.

She was brought into the world of the X-Men when Professor X was looking for a dance instructor to teach Kitty Pryde. Storm immediately had problems with Stevie, seeing her as a threat to her special bond with Kitty.[1]

"Stevie" meets Kitty

When Kitty invited Stevie and Ororo to a Dazzler concert, an outburst by the Morlocks Caliban caused the X-Men to reveal their mutant powers to Stevie.[2]

With their secret out, Stevie became more engrossed in the mutant world and joined the Institute as dance teacher and physical therapist.[3]

After Mister Sinister's attack on the Mansion reduced it to rubble, Stevie returned to her private studio.

When Shadow King began to possess various X-Allies, he took control of Colossus and forced him to attack her. The combined forces of X-Factor and X-Men freed all of Shadow King's captives, and Stevie returned to the Institute.[4]

When there was an assassination attempt on Xavier's life, Stevie nursed the wounded from the ensuing conflict. Currently, Stevie is back working at her dance studio.[5]

Years later, Stevie was elected to represent Connecticut's 3rd congressional district in the House of Representatives and invited X-Men leader and old friend, Kitty Pryde, to testify before Congress on the state of mutant affairs.[6]



Stevie is skilled in various genres of dance including ballet.



Stevie owns a Saab.


  • She lived in 73 Willingdon Road, Salem Center, and her Dance Academy was in the same building.[7]

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