Stephanie Malick was the daughter of Gideon Malick, a head of Hydra and one of the leaders in the Hydra religion. As a member of the Malick family, Stephanie was an ardent believer in the Hydra religion, possibly even more so than her father. She was overjoyed when the Hydra god, an ancient Inhuman, returned to Earth after spending countless centuries in exile on Maveth. Gideon Malick, however, was concerned that the Inhuman was more dangerous than he was led to believe, and tried to keep Stephanie away from him. When the Inhuman took it upon himself to introduce himself to Stephanie, Gideon tried to share his concerns about their "guest" with his daughter, including a vision given to him by another Inhuman of his death at the Hydra god's hands. Stephanie easily dismissed her father's fears.

Decades earlier, Gideon had betrayed his brother Nathaniel by dooming him to become a sacrifice to the Hydra god. As the Inhuman retained Nathaniel's memories and those of all his hosts, Gideon believed the Inhuman would kill him to make him pay for this betrayal. The Inhuman instead killed Stephanie so Gideon Malick would know the meaning of sacrifice.[1]

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