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The past history of Stephen Beckley mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart.

In recent history, Stephen would be charged with keeping a piece of the Absorbing Man following the villains rampage through Washington, D.C. which ended in the death of the Avengers. Comet Man's son, Benny would grow up to be a troubled teenager, and when the Terrigen Mist were released into Earth's atmosphere, Benny would gain the ability to control anyone he wished. One of his first acts would be to kill his father. Benny would soon become known as the Skull and almost succeed in taking over the United States until Captain America was forced to kill him. The piece of Creel entrusted to Comet Man would ultimately end up in the hands of the Tong of Creel a death cult seeking to rebuild the villain to murder the world.

Comet Man's soul would live in the Realm of the Dead and when it was joined with the soul of his recently deceased son, they would begin living an eternity living in a suburban neighborhood. Stephen being a protective father not wishing his son to be exposed to super-heroes.

When Mar-Vell succeeded in killing Death and create a Paradise, Captain America and other heroes would become the Avenging Host, "angels" of sorts charged with defending Paradise and bringing new souls into Paradise. This posed a problem as only those who believed that they were truly dead could enter into Paradise. Captain America then began considering using Benny's powers to make everyone in the Realm of the Dead commit mass suicide. However, Cap couldn't bring himself to talk the boy into doing this, and Stephen would ask that Steve stop coming by.

Eventually, Captain America would be convinced to return to the Beckley home by 4-D Man and awaken Benny's mind. Remembering his own death, Benny would then lash out at the heroes, and force his own father to decapitate himself with Captain America's shield. Realizing that he is truly dead, Stephen would put his head back on and talk Benny into realizing that in life he was the villain and get him to agree to help Captain America.

They would travel to Paradise where Benny would aid in freeing those living their less than ideal versions of Paradise. Stephen would also aid the people of Paradise in throwing off an invasion by the Kree army. Following the battle, Stephen and Benny would remain in Paradise, their current activities remain unrecorded.

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Seemingly those of Stephen Beckley of Earth-616.

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