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Stephen Colbert


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Stephen Colbert was a candidate for President of the United States who ran as a third party candidate. After departing from a campaign event with a poor turnout, he saw Spider-Man battling Grizzly. He tried to help Spider-Man in his duel, but Spider-Man insisted that it was not Colbert's fight to be had, and took him to a nearby building. As Spider-Man continued his fight, Stephen Colbert pushed a statue off of the building and it hit Grizzly on the head. Spider-Man thanked him for his help, and gave him a ride home. In the end, Colbert won the popular vote, but lost to Barack Obama in electoral votes.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Arctophobia: Stephen Colbert is afraid of bears.[citation needed]


  • This character is based on the character "Stephen Colbert" as portrayed on the TV show The Colbert Report by comedian Stephen Colbert. On the real life The Colbert Report, Colbert (in character as "Colbert") interviewed Joe Quesada on numerous occasions. On one of them Quesada presented "Colbert" a Captain America Shield, which hung on the wall of The Colbert Report set until the show ended. After The Colbert Report ended, Colbert became the host of The Late Show and brought the shield with him, even though he does not host The Late Show in character as "Colbert".

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