Stephen Strange was an innovative and brilliant brain surgeon. Driving his pregnant wife home inebriated after attending a gala affair honoring him, Strange accidentally crashed his car, killing his wife and his unborn child, as well as forever damaging his hands. Lost, lonely and sespondent, Strange traveled the world searching for a magical cure to regain the delicacy of touch he once had and needed as a surgeon. Strange spent years searching, dwindling his fortune. Nothing worked until he heard about a man in Tibet who was known for working miracles. Stephen sought that man, the Ancient One, and he taught Strange ancient mystic arts which not only cured his hands, but also his spirit, and allowed Strange to become the Sorcerer Supreme. Strange stayed with the Ancient One for years until his death, after which he returned to civilization and settled in a Victorian house in SoHo that became known as the Sanctum Sanctorum.

Stephen Strange, Sr. (Earth-1610) from Ultimate Marvel Team-Up Vol 1 12 001

Strange after the accident

Strange's connection with the occult helped him keep a low profile, since the press brushed him off as a charlatan. The people that needed Strange always found their way to him, and Stephen had ways to keep himself from the consciousness of those that didn't need to know of him. Strange also inherited the Ancient One's collection of mystical artifacts and guarded them at his home. Like the Masters of the Mystic Arts before him, Strange surrounded himself by a trusted servant, Wong, and a worthy disciple, Clea. Strange and Clea fell in love and married, and she became pregnant. The same day Clea broke the news to Stephen, Strange mysteriously disappeared.[1] On accounts of Clea, "one minute he was there the next he wasn't." Many theories circulated behind Strange's disappearance, some believing he trapped himself in another dimension, and others that he accidentally killed himself. Despite the attempts of Clea, she never succeeded in finding him.[2]

Grief-stricken and lost, Clea undertook a similar journey her husband did. She eventually rejected her studies and belief system, and raised her son, Stephen Strange, Jr., in the suburbs, keeping him without knowledge of his father or the world of the occult,[1] only disclosing that her husband was a surgeon and claiming that he had died in a car accident.[3] When Stephen was twenty-one years old, Wong approached him and introduced him to the legacy his fater had left behind.[1]


Seemingly those of Stephen Strange of Earth-616.

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