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Quote1.png I am Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme! Quote2.png
Doctor Strange[src]


Early Life

Dr. Stephen Strange was a world-renowned neurosurgeon but an arrogant one at that, that is until an accident severely damaged the nerves in his hands, thus ending his surgical career. Strange used the last of his fortune to seek the help Ancient One to repair his hands.

Eventually the Ancient One taught Strange how to tap the innate mystic powers of himself and the world around him and became the Sorcerer Supreme, making him the most powerful human sorcerer on Earth. He lives in his mansion, the Sanctum Sanctorum in Greenwich Village, which was cloaked by his magic.

Strange Days

The Demon known as Nightmare cast a sleeping spell over New York City. Dr. Strange enlisted the help of Iron Fist. He questioned Iron Fist's choice in bringing Spider-Man with him. Doctor Strange explained to them that it was the work of Nightmare and claimed that faith had brought Spider-Man to be with them.

He takes Spider-Man and Iron Fist to the Dimension of Dreams to confront Nightmare. Dr. Strange fought against Nightmare, his horse Dreamstalker and his army of Demons, who overpowered him. Dr. Strange starts to believe that he was too weak against Nightmare and lost his magical powers. He was convinced by Spider-Man that it was just a dream and regained his powers, and together, they seal Nightmare in a magic box.

After they defeated him, Dr. Strange thanked Iron Fist and Spider-Man and reminded them to go back to Midtown High School before anyone figured out where they had gone.[1]

Journey of the Iron Fist

An Astral projection of Doctor Strange floats by Iron Fist and Spider-Man say hello to the two heroes. Iron Fist reveals that they are astral neighbors.[2]



Quote1.png My magic skill took years to perfect. Quote2.png
--Doctor Strange[src]

Sorcerer Supreme: Dr. Strange is the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth; he possesses vast mastery of the mystic arts, which he uses to defend his reality from otherworldly threats.

  • Mystic Bolts
  • Astral Projection: Doctor Strange can release his astral form from his body, instantaneously and at will. In this form he does not need to breathe, eat, drink or sleep, is unrestricted by physical laws, is invisible (though can be seen by any if he wished it so), intangible, and incapable of being harmed by all but the most powerful and rigorous of mystic means.
  • Telekinesis
  • Flight: Doctor Strange can fly using magical energy.
  • Protective Shields: Using the being Seraphim, Dr. Strange can shield himself or his allies.
  • Cosmic Level Awareness:
  • Indomitable Willpower: Steven is not susceptible to the corrupting influence of the Infinity Stones


Expert Occultist & Magical Knowledge: Dr Strange has gain expert awareness on cults and the extra-dimensional entities they worship, this knowledge as of yet far exceeds any on Earth in the Marvel Universe.





  • Voiced by Jack Coleman
  • Doctor Strange is featured in Spider-Man's imagination throughout the series.[3]
  • Unlike most incarnations, this version of Doctor Strange possesses no gray hair, signaling he may be far younger than other versions.
  • When Doctor Strange cast spells, magic seals appear in front of him.


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