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Doctor Strange was a member of the Resistance, a handful of heroes that antagonized President Osborn's totalitarian regime. When the reality-displaced Spider-Man of the Prime Marvel Universe sought the Resistance's help to figure out a way to return to his proper timeline, Captain America suggested getting Doctor Doom.

After breaking into the prison where Doom was being held, and fighting Ben Grimm in the process,[1] the Resistance took Doom to the Oscorp warehouse where his Time Platform was stored so he could make the necessary preparations for Spider-Man to use it, but the building was quickly surrounded by Norman Osborn's forces. Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker, who had returned to the mantle of Spider-Man, appeared to hold the line, and the Resistance joined the fray not long afterwards, resulting in Osborn's retreat following the defeat of his forces. Despite his reluctance to leave, Spider-Man and his allies prepared to return to their timeline, since Peter gave his alternate counterpart the assurance that he was going to continue fighting against Osborn.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of the Stephen Strange of Earth-616, though at a noticeably lower power level, since he has pointed out he can no longer create teleportation spells, for instance.[1]


Seemingly those of the Stephen Strange of Earth-616.

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