On Earth-791218, the life of Stephen Strange would take on a vastly different course than it did for his Earth-616 counterpart. History would diverge at the point when Strange would seek the aid of the Ancient One to heal his damaged hands. In this reality, Dormammu would see the mystical potential of Strange and order his minion Baron Mordo to restore Strange's damaged hands. Strange would return to the United States and continue his practice, restoring his wealth and becoming even more egotistical as ever before. On the day that he was found guilty for malpractice, Strange would be confronted by Mordo again offering him even more power than ever before by teaching him the mystic arts. The greedy and power hungry Strange would accept.

Strange would learn all he could under Mordo's direction to the point where Dormammu determined that Strange would surpass Mordo. Offering him even more power, Dormammu would order Strange to slay Mordo, which Strange would do with ease. Strange would next be visited by Umar who would be freed and attempt to seduce Strange in a bit to destroy her brother Dormammu. Strange would then be sent to attack the Ancient One, who at recently gathered other mystics to try and end Dormammu's power. Strange would clash with the wizards until a hastily cast spell by Anthony Druid caused Strange to be transported to the realm of Eternity. Attempting to attack Eternity, Strange would find himself banished from his realm with ease.

Strange would be hungry for even more power and demand more from Dormammu and Umar, but find that they could not give anymore. Strange would be surprised the next day when he is delivered the Eye of Agamotto by his enemies. Seeing it as a means to destroy them, he would go to the Ancient One's realm and seemingly slay the Ancient One and his followers. With his enemies seemingly dead, Strange would make another attempt to attack Eternity. This would play into Dormammu's hands who sought to focus his powers through Strange to destroy both Strange and Eternity. Strange would find himself in a cross fire between both Dormammu and Eternity. Driven almost to the point of insanity, Strange would have to choose between good and evil. Choosing the side of good, Strange would be spared and sent back to the Earth dimension where he would find that the Ancient One and his followers are still alive. Humbled by the whole experience, Strange would ask the Ancient One to teach him, a request that the Ancient One would accept.


Seemingly those of Stephen Strange of Earth-616.

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