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Stephen Strange apparently had a history more or less similar to that of his Earth-199999 counterpart. Strange trained in the Mystic Arts and later received the title of Sorcerer Supreme. He also apparently became friends with Karl Mordo.

Doctor Strange then founded the Illuminati to protect his reality from threats who would be joined by Professor X, Captain Carter, Mister Fantastic, Captain Marvel and Black Bolt. After learning of Thanos' invasion of Earth, Strange used the Darkhold to search through the multiverse for a possible solution to the conflict via dream walking, however, this triggered an incursion between two realities, destroying one of them.

The Illuminati found the Book of Vishanti and used it to defeat Thanos and kill him, Strange revealed to his companions what he had done so he was willingly executed by Black Bolt who received instructions from the rest of the Illuminati.

After his death, the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme was given to Karl Mordo who also took his place among the Illuminati. The Illuminati made a difficult decision and told the world that Strange sacrificed himself to defeat Thanos and a statue of him was built just outside the New York Sanctuary.[1]



Seemingly those of Stephen Strange of Earth-199999.


Seemingly those of Stephen Strange of Earth-199999.


Corruption of the Darkhold



Formerly Darkhold, Cloak of Levitation


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