Stephen Strange and Tony Stark met at a party. Stephen accepted a car ride from Stark, and they ended up in an accident. This accident caused permanent nerve damage to his hands. Stephen then became the companion of Stark while the latter searched for a cure. He accompanied Stark to Tibet while he trained in mystic arts under the Ancient One. When he drove Baron Mordo away, Stark was proclaimed Earth's Sorcerer Supreme and the two returned to America.

In the present day, Stark discovers that Dormammu is planning an invasion of Earth, and Strange barely reacts. They are attacked by one of Dormammu's minions, and Tony defeats him. When he attempts to interrogate the minion, it explodes. Tony leaves him to clean up the mess, and he throws a fit.

Stark enters Dormammu's realm and defeats a sentry, another minion, and a spell leech. He then holds off Dormammu himself, until Dormammu takes his armor. He says that he couldn't do that without an image, and then holds up a model. Strange then steps out of the shadows, having betrayed Stark. His hands are then restored by Dormammu.

Strange is then seen contemplating returning to his old life. Then Clea steps out of the shadows and shows Stephen that without using most of his energy to restrain the Mindless Ones, he would be invincible. Clea then distracts her father long enough to leave the armor unattended. Strange puts on the armor and uses it to teleport to Tony Stark. Then he frees him. Stark reveals that Dormammu used a spell that lent strength to Strange's hands but drained his life-force. Tony then defeats Dormammu, and returns to Earth, while Strange remains in the Dark Dimension and becomes it's ruler in Dormammu's absence.[1]




Seemingly those of Stephen Strange (Earth-616)#Abilities

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