Cosmic Civil War

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When the Champions of Battlerealm took sides on the Civil War between Iron Man and the Captain America from World War II, Doctor Strange and the other members of the Illuminati allied themselves with Iron Man and his Iron Faction.

Strange initially believed Iron Man was right, that they had to attack and defeat the Collector in his weakened state and take control over the ISO-Sphere to end the Contest of Champions once and for all, but as the war raged on, Strange noticed that Iron Man was becoming colder and ruthless, willing to do anything to take Captain America down, which led him to approach the main soldiers of both factions, Black Panther and Falcon, in order to find the legendary Civil Warrior so he could put an end on this war.

With the aid of the Summoner, Doctor Strange and his allies managed to find the Civil Warrior. Together, they confronted both Iron Man and Captain America at the site of their final battle and defeated them. However, while they fought, the Collector regained his powers and encased all of them back in their ISO-8 Crystals, ending the war.


Seemingly those of the Stephen Strange of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Stephen Strange of Earth-616.


Eye of Agamotto, Cloak of Levitation

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