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Dr. Stephen Strange was a brilliant neurosurgeon and had a girlfriend, Dr. Christine Palmer, one day he picked up Christine for a night out for dinner but ended up in a car accident that left Strange unharmed but killed Christine.

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After Christine's death, Strange, filled with grief, traveled the world in search of answers where he met Ancient One and was trained in the mystic arts. Strange followed a fate similar to that of his Earth-199999 counterpart, such as the death of his teacher, stopping Dormammu from invading Earth and becoming the Sorcerer Supreme, although he was unable to forget the past.

Two years after Christine's death, Strange couldn't help but think of the past even though Wong suggested that he accompany him before he did anything rash, Strange mustered the courage to use the Eye of Agamotto to travel back in time before Palmer died but despite his attempts to save Christine somehow or other his fate didn't seem to change. Shattered, Strange was visited by Ancient One in the past and explained to him that Christine Death was an "absolute point" in time and that changing it would potentially end the universe, but a distraught Strange refused to let her go, forcing Ancient One to try to stop him, During the conflict Ancient One split Doctor Strange's mind and body in two, one traveling centuries into the past and the second half traveling the destined path he was destined to follow, both halves of Strange would be oblivious to the existence of the other for the time being, coexisting simultaneously in the same timeline and universe.


Strange arrived centuries ago in time, meeting a fellow sorcerer named O'Bengh who led him to the Lost Library of Cagliostro. O'Bengh informed Strange that no sorcerer had ever changed a particular time, but Strange refused to listen. Finally, Strange found that to break the absolute point in time was to absorb other beings to increase his power. During his first attempt he failed to start on a tentacular creature that lent him its power but then slowly did so on lesser creatures and then on others with more power, Strange was frozen in time for centuries as he continually absorbed its energies. After absorbing the tentacles of the tentacled creature he first encountered, Strange thawed in time and soon encountered an aged and dying O'Bengh who revealed that Strange had been consuming the entities' power for centuries. O'Bengh refused to receive Strange's help and told him about the existence of the other Strange in this universe, who had accepted Christine's death.

When reality began to crumble due to the presence of Strange Supreme after he unfroze from time, an echo of Ancient One contacted the other Strange who must stop his dark version who was going to break the absolute point so the Good Strange prepared to stop him, Strange Supreme brought his good version before him to convince him to become one again to bring back Christine but was rejected by his good version and the two wizards fought at the crash site of his car after Strange Supreme brought them there. Strange managed to break the protection spell that the good Strange had and absorbed it.

With all the power obtained, Strange used his powers to successfully resurrect Christine but the universe began to disable itself because he broke the absolute point of time so his universe began to crumble, while trying to keep him and Christine alive, Strange saw The Watcher and pleaded in vain to help him, willing to do anything to save the universe but Watcher refused stating that any further interference with space and time would be disastrous.

His universe was destroyed in its entirety, but he managed to save himself by wrapping himself in a capsule using his magic. As Christine vanished in his arms, Strange questioned what he had done. In the end, Strange was the only survivor of his universe, and was left to tearfully apologize for the destruction he had caused. [1]

Some time later, Strange was physically visited by Uatu who sought him out to help him with a threat that endangers the Multiverse, Ultron.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Initially those of the Stephen Strange of Earth-199999. After absorbing various unidentified dimensional creatures and his alternate timeline self, he was powerful enough to ressurrect Christine Palmer and break the absolute point in time.


Seemingly those of the Stephen Strange of Earth-199999.




Various temporary conjured weapons


Dimensional portals


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