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This Stephen Strange apparently had a similar history to his Earth-199999 counterpart, at some point of his life ending his relationship with Christine Palmer.

This Strange at some point met America Chavez and they became friends, with him eventually aiding her in her escape from a mysterious being who wanted Chavez's abilities. They eventually managed to arrive at the space between universes to retrieve the Book of Vishanti while being chased by an unidentified ribboned demon, who injured Strange's leg, debilitating him.

Realizing hope was lost, he attempted to absorb Chavez's powers, an act that would kill her, claiming that her sacrifice was worth more than her life, but he was killed by the creature moments later.

Strange's corpse would later be possessed by his Earth-199999 counterpart to fight against the Scarlet Witch and save Chavez.



Seemingly those of Stephen Strange of Earth-199999.


Seemingly those of Stephen Strange of Earth-199999.


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