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This temporal remnant of Doctor Strange was created during the sorcerer's early years. As a contingency plan in case of his murder, Strange severed one week from his personal timeline and hid it in secret. If Strange were to die, the remnant would be liberated and spend its one-week existence to ensure Strange's affairs were put in order and his killer brought to justice.[1] Many years following the remnant's creation, it was finally liberated when Strange was ambushed and murdered at his Sanctum Sanctorum.[2]

Strange soon figured out that the murderer was Kaecilius, and he used a healing spell on him to resurrect the original Doctor Strange as Kaecilius had given himself both Strange's soul and his hands.

The Temporal Remnant later sacrificed itself by flying his astral form into the Peregrine Child to ignite the semi-digested magical energies within its stomach.[3]



Seemingly those of the original Doctor Strange although limited to the amount of training and experience his creator had attained before the remnant's creation.


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