Sterilon was called upon by Queen Medusa to telepathically interrogate the The Voice Unheard resistance member, known as G-Man. After the intense interrogation, G-Man presumably died from the procedure.[1]

After the capture of Black Bolt, Sterilon used his physic abilities to try to extract all vital information from Black Bolt about the resistance but he was interrupted by Medusa who ordered to let him go.[2]

During an escape which was prompted by Medusa, Sterilon contacted the Thor Corps to put an end to the breakout. But later he was surprised by G-Man showing up alive telling him he couldn't kill something that was already undead. G-Man blasted flames from his skull presumably leading to Sterilon's death.[3]


Seemingly those of the Sterilon of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Sterilon of Earth-616.

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