The King was a career criminal who was involved in various rackets during the 1940s. His trademark was to leave the King of Clubs as a calling card. In 1941 when the New York papers were campaigning against the numbers rackets, he got out of numbers and took on a new venture: bootlegging medicine. Using his underworld connections and ill gotten gains, he full stocked a secret laboratory and began kidnapping pharmacists and forcing them to make bootlegged medication despite the possible health risks. He forced the captured doctors to do his bidding after throwing a lone dissenter into a vat of acid.

The Human Torch and Toro began investigating the King when they posed as newspaper reporters for the Voice investigating a Penny Arcade which was the scene of a trap for the King to get retribution against the papers for their anti-crime crusades. The Torch began to suspect what was happening when learning about a million dollar drug heist and failing to stop some thugs from kidnapping a hospital doctor.

When the King double crossed one of his men named Rocky, the crook told the whole plot to the Torch who tracked the King down to his hideout. There the King was slain by a canister of nitroglycerin he had hoped to use against the Torch.


The King had an entire laboratory for the purposes of making medicine, he also had a vat of acid and portable fire hoses to deal with the Human Torch.


Conventional firearms, nitroglycerin bombs,

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