Steve Bronson, a former marine, decided that his son, Bobby, was a sissy because Bobby spent his time reading instead of playing sports with the other boys his age. To toughen Bobby up, Steve decided to go to rural Mexico, and spend a few weeks "roughing it" in the wilderness with the boy. Steve's wife, Anne, felt that Steve was too harsh on Bobby, and came along to keep an eye on him.

Their first day in Mexico, Steve lead the family on a hike up a mountain, where they discovered a cave with a hidden iron door. Unable to push the door open, Steve lit some explosive powder and blew the door off it's hinges. Inside, they found a creature that called itself The Sandman, who explained that native Mexicans had trapped him there thousands of years ago after he and his alien craft crash landed on Earth. The Sandman then explained that he was here to conquer the planet, and after beating Steve into submission, forced the family to smuggle him into America. Morphing himself into a vaugely human disguise, The Sandman observed American citizens in their daily lives, until he and the Bronsons came across a military parade. Steve notified the military to The Sandman's presence, but nothing, from bullets bombs, could stop the creature.

Noticing that Bobby was gone, Steve and Anne were relieved when the boy returned with a wagon. He explianed that he had thrown water on The Sandman, which rendered the alien immobile. He the scooped the alien into the wagon, and brought him to the military. After hearing this, Steve had a change of heart, and realized that his son didn't need to be a sports star to impress him.[1]

Strength level

  • A former Marine, Steve was versed in hand-to-hand combat, although it proved ineffective against The Sandman.

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