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Steve Englehart

Steve Englehart (Earth-1218)

Real Name
Steve Englehart
John Harkness; Cliff Garnett;Anne Spencer;Chad Archer

Marvel; Malibu; Epic; DC Comics; Eclipse; Warren; Valiant;Antarctic Press; Topps Comics


Notable Creations

Place of Birth
Indianapolis , Indiana , United States of America

Date of Birth

April 22, 1947

Personal History

Steve Englehart was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. He graduated from Wesleyan Universtiy in Middletown, Connecticut, majoring in psychology. Englehart has a wife, Terry, and two sons, Alex and Eric.

Professional History

One of the predominant Marvel writers of the 1970's. Englehart wrote 32 issues of Captain America Vol 1 and 40 issues of Avengers Vol 1. He was referred to also as "Stainless Steve". Englehart also wrote romance comics under the name of Anne Spencer.

Work History

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