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Stevie was the artificially engineered genetic son of Natasha Romanoff and a man named James Grey. He was created in a laboratory using their genes by a cabal of Black Widow's enemies after they kidnapped Natasha and conditioned her into a new identity, just as they did with James.[1][2]

When Natasha regained her true memories, her enemies feared that she would come for them, so they attacked Natasha and her family. Stevie and James were caught in an explosion.[3] They survived, but his and James' deaths were faked by the Winter Soldier to relocate them with new identities for their continued safety.[4]


A playful child who almost always escapes nursery entrapments by his parents to seek out his mother. When together with his parents, Stevie is a happy child who brings a smile to their faces as well.

Powers and Abilities


Prodigy Escape Artist: Stevie has been shown to have inherited his mother's capability to escape any confines.[1]


As an infant, Stevie needs continuous supervision.

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