Steve Kisto was a Delta City University football player who engaged in a game of drunken one-upmanship with his fraternity brothers Tracey Griffin and Chuck Manassa using super-steroids distributed to the campus as part of an experiment by DoctOrangutan. They increased in size and strength in proportion to the doses they took, embarking on a criminal career as Big Strong Man, Bigger Stronger Man, and Biggest Strongest Man, sworn enemies of Fight Man.[1]

The trio joined the All-Hate Squad, assigned to collect the Hooded Eye's $10,000,000 bounty on Fight Man at the behest of Mister Kill. Despite their size and strength, Fight Man easily overwhelmed them, defeating Kisto and Griffin by knocking their heads together and Manassa by throwing him into a building. The building then fell on Fight Man himself, knocking him out too.[2]

Powers and Abilities


  • Enhanced size and strength: Thanks to DoctOrangutan's super-steroids, the three fraternity brothers became extremely large and strong. Kisto, having taken the least, was the smallest and weakest of the there, but still far stronger than a normal person.


Big Strong Man was given a brief backstory and description of his powers on Evan Dorkin's tumblr, where he published the notes on Fight-Man's supporting cast that he gave to the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe writers.

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