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Steve Parkhouse

Real Name
Steve Parkhouse
Maxwell Stockbridge

Marvel; Marvel UK; Panini Comics; DC Comics; Vertigo; Rebellion; Quality Communications; Fleetway; Dark Horse Comics; Atomeka Press; Fantagraphics; IPC Magazines Ltd.



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Place of Birth
United Kingdom

Date of Birth

, 1948

Professional History

Parkhouse is a writer, artist and letterer who has been working in comics since 1969 when he wrote a Ka-Zar strip in Marvel Super-Heroes Vol 1 19. He played a significant part in Dez Skinn's overhaul of Marvel UK in 1979, writing the epic Black Knight and Captain Britain series and the Hulk series in Hulk Comic (UK) Vol 1 and co-creating Night Raven in the same title, before going on to write and sometimes draw strips for Doctor Who. He has also worked for various other publishers including Dark Horse and the science fiction anthology 2000AD, for which he co-created Big Dave.

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