Steve Rand was once considered to be the most handsome man in Hollywood. Unfortunately, he allowed this fact to go to his head and he bacame increasingly full of himself. Feeling that stuntmen were beneath him, Rand began to do his own stunts, despite having little training in such dangerous work. Despite protests to his doing a particularly difficult stunt, Rand attempted to cross a flaming inferno on a rope. During the stunt, Rand lost his momentum and suffered horrible burns to his face.
Steve Rand (Earth-616) 2

The face of Atlas

After realizing the extent of his disfigurment, Rand became insane. He came to the conclusion that everyone involved in the making of the film was to blame for his accident and he set out on a crusade to kill them all[1], including the movie's writer, Buck Cowan. Atlas stormed Buck's house and was about to kill him when Buck's friend, Jack Russell, transformed into the Werewolf at the sight of the full moon. Atlas turned his attention to the Werewolf, their battle spilling into the streets of Los Angeles, with Buck following behind. Just as it looked as if Atlas was going to kill the Werewolf, Buck shot him from behind in order to save his friend's life. Atlas died as a result of his injuries[2].




Rand had developed his body and strength almost to the peak of human ability.


Rand became mentally unstable after his accident, possessing an irrational hatred of everyone involved in the making of his last movie.


Atlas used the jawbone of a horse as a large club.

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