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Synopsis for 1st story

Machinesmith begins the auction of the Super-Soldier formula.

Steve and Anita communicate with Hank McCoy/Beast to come up with a plan to stop Machinesmith. Beast has a plan that can counter Machinesmith's ability to transfer his mind into nearby electronic devices. The plan involves Anita. They sneak into the base and Steve goes to stop Machinesmith, but not before asking Anita why is she helping him. Anita replies that she doesn't know, maybe she was programmed to feel anger.

Steve attacks Machinesmith and slices his head off with his energy shield. However, Machinesmith transfer his mind into nearby robots. Steve destroys them, forcing Machinesmith to return to his head. Anita appears and Steve reveals that she destroyed every electronic system in the base. However, Machinesmith replies that there is an electronic device still active, Anita herself.

Transferring his mind into Anita, Machinesmith tries to attack Steve, but Steve reveals that Beast has altered Anita's operating system, making it so that wireless traffic goes in, but not out. Essential, Machinesmith is trapped within Anita and self-destructs, presumably killing Machinesmith. Steve takes Machinesmith's briefcase and leaves.

In the Secret Avengers HQ, Hank tells Rogers that the vials in the case weren't the Super-Solider formula; they couldn't even cure the common cold, much less create a supersoldier. Steve then asks why was the mission was about.

In Detroit, Michigan, Jacob Erskine is revealed to be still alive and working for Aloysius Thorndrake of the Shadow Council. Erskine says that they only needed a sample of Steve's blood for comparison but they had to sacrifice Machinesmith for a ruse. They see a young man on the street and Erskine says that the young man has the same story as Steve, his mother died two years ago and he is suffering through a terrible economy. Thorndrake says that if the Super-Soldier formula only works on Steve Rogers, then the Shadow Council will create an army of Steve Rogerses.

Solicit Synopsis

It's the conclusion of the hardest-hitting Steve Rogers story in years! With the Super Soldier Serum about to be sold on the black market, Steve Rogers must risk all to stop every terrorist nation on earth from creating armies of their own supermen.

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