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Steve Southall was the Sheriff of the small town of Branding in Texas. He tolerated an enclave living on a hill near the town until he learned they were illegally selling firearms, shortly after a young man he was dating named Clark, the son of the woman responsible for the gun running operation, was murdered and his mother planned on taking revenge against Branding. Steve held them off alone and was gravely injured, he was brought back to town by the Punisher who told him that with his wounds he would die before any medical help could reach him.[2]




Former marine, shown to be very competent with firearms.[1]

  • He was openly homosexual.
    • Despite his sexuality and the notoriously homophobic area he lived in he was voted into office as Sheriff as he was the most competent person for the job and stated that that was what the people of his town most cared about.[3]

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