Steve Strong (Earth-616) from Captain America Comics Vol 1 40 002

Steve Strong before the accident.

Steve Strong was a popular actor during the 1930s. In 1934, he was involved in an accident that left his face horribly scarred. This ended his career in Hollywood, and he eventually disappeared from the public eye. Bitter at how his beauty and fame were gone, he became close with two other ugly people a woman whom he called Dream Girl and another called Jelly-Face. Calling himself Hash-Head, the trio began living in an abandoned mine in the California desert.

They then began kidnapping popular male actors and keeping them prisoner in the mine. Once he had captured five such actors, he then intended to horribly scar their faces and ruin their careers much like what happened to him. However, the disappearances of the actors led to an investigation by the Angel who tracked down the location of Hash-Head's mine. Hash-Head and his minions battled the Angel and managed to knock him out.

Tying the hero up, Hash-Head revealed his true identity and then prepared to horribly scar the handsome hero first using a heated iron. The Angel tossed sand into Hash-Head's eye and used the red-hot iron to break through his bonds. He was assisted by the captured actors who also burned loose their bonds, and Hash-Head and his minions were easily subdued and turned over to the authorities.[1]

Hash-Head's subsequent fate is unknown.

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