Kid Colt comes across a two-against-one fight and stops the two attackers, saving their victim from the thrashing and sends them fleeing. The Kid is thanked by Jess Crane who takes Kid Colt back to his home to meet his wife. There the Crane's tell Kid Colt that Jess is running for mayor of Big Gap and are facing opposition from Steve Truax who is using heavy handed means to insure that he wins the election.

Kid Colt decides to go into town to confront Truax directly. He is spotted by Traux's men and Steve orders them to stand ready to bushwhack the Kid. When Kid Colt confronts Truax over his men attacking Jess Crane, the trap is sprung but Kid Colt is faster at the draw and easily disarms the men trying to shoot him in the back. Kid Colt then gives Truax a stern warning to not interfere with the election again or he will have to face him. Soon word spreads across town about how Kid Colt stood up to Truax and his men.

However, Jess Crane is nervous that Truax might do something during his speech that evening, but Kid Colt assures him that he will be there to handle things. That night during Crane's speech, Truax's men attack the assembly of people. Kid Colt then rallies the people in town to fight back and the Kid easily wrangles the leader of the attack and forces him to confess that Steve Traux put them up to it. The locals then have Traux thrown out of town and elect Jess Crane as their new mayor[1].



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