Captain America was against the Superhero Registration Act and after several skirmishes with the Pro-Superhero Registration forces he agreed to meet with Iron Man. During this meeting Tony thanked Steve for coming and asked for his help, this made Steve change his mind about using the weapon he had concealed in his hand. However, the Thor Clone was accidentally released and Mister Fantastic was unable to shut it down. Both Pro and Anti- registration joined forces to put him down. The clone turned to attack Bill Foster but Iron Man took the force of the attack and was about to be finished by it when Captain America stepped in to protect his friend. Eventually the group managed to take the clone down and the two leaders met to talk in Avengers Tower. Here Iron Man made a new proposition, Captain America should be the man who everyone registers with, not the government, since only he would be the man everybody would trust. Steve initially disagreed but eventually came round to the idea and after revealling to world, they formed a new Avengers team and the world was led into a new golden age of heroes. [1]


Seemingly those of Steven Rogers (Earth-616)#Powers.

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