Quote1 You were always my hero. Quote2
-- Punisher src

When a plague turned the world's population into cannibals, Captain America rallied the Avengers and many other heroes together to hold back the infected.[1]

The scientists working on a cure were attacked in the Baxter Building so they decided to move operations to Elizabeth, New Jersey, where Reed Richards had stored old equipment and where T'Challa believed his sister was hiding. Captain America was among the heroes that led the convoy out of New York when they were confronted by the Hulk and his army on the Goethals Bridge. The heroes held them back while the scientists escaped, though not without much loss of life.[2]

Steve, along with the Punisher and Deadpool, found the injured Wolverine and brought him back to their temporary hideout. There, they formulated a strategy that would buy time while they waited for trucks to transport the scientists out of New Jersey.

Hoping to keep the Hulk's army away from the scientists, the group went after them. However, the Hulk was nowhere to be found, so Wolverine and Deadpool split off to find him, leaving Cap and the Punisher to fight the army. Unfortunately, in the heat of battle, Cap started to succumb to the plague. Steve pleaded to the Punisher to kill him, so Frank shot him in the head, telling him he was always his hero.[3]


Seemingly those of Steven Rogers of Earth-616.


Captain America's Shield

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