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Captain America (circa 1945)

Origins and WWII

Steve Rogers grew up in Brooklyn during the Great Depression, a scrawny kid protected from neighborhood bullies by his best friend James "Bucky" Barnes and eventually was orphaned. Horrified by newsreel footage of the Nazis in Europe, Rogers was inspired to enlist in the Army around the time the United States entered World War II, but because time and again he failed the physical tests, he was rejected. His luck changed during another visit to Recruitment Center in 1942 when Military Sergeant Dugan recruited him for Project Rebirth after hearing of Rogers passion to be involved. After volunteering to be subjected to surgery, steroid treatments, and other experiments supervised by Dr. Erskine, Rogers became the first successful genetically-enhanced American Super-Soldier.[1][5]

During the final treatment however, he noticed a suspicious soldier focused on him instead of standing guard. Once Rogers was transformed the man revealed himself as a Nazi spy sent to murder Rogers in the event that he survived the experiment. Rogers survived the attempt and took the man down but not before the spy murdered Doctor Erskine and a few American soldiers who attempted to stop him. Rogers met with President Roosevelt who encouraged him to fully commit himself to the American war effort and to win them the war so they would not have to drop atom bombs. Rogers bid farewell to his sweetheart Gail and became Captain America.[5]

For the next three years, he undertook numerous covert operations, often accompanied by Bucky, now a war photographer, and sometimes "Lucky" Jim Howlett (later the X-Men's Wolverine). While on leave in 1945 he would unknowingly get Gail pregnant.[8] During World War II he came into battle on multiple occasions with the alien Chitauri Herr Kleiser, who was in league with the Germans, Captain America had given him a giant scar on his face in one of their encounters and even seemingly killed him when he blew up one of the trains he was transporting weapons in[9], kleiser later introduced a prototype A-Bomb made with alien technology and meant to target the United States. Though too late to stop the bomb's launch, Captain America managed to get to the bomb moments before its explosion. In a successful attempt to stop it in mid-air, he fell to the sea, presumed deceased. However, through a combination of his super soldier physiology and the arctic cold, Captain America went into a cryogenic state for over fifty years.[1]

Revival and joining the Ultimates

Rogers revealed to the press

Decades later, the body of Captain America was found in the Arctic Ocean, frozen in a block of ice. When scientists analyzed him, it was as if he had not aged a day; it is yet to be known whether cryogenic preservation or the super soldier serum prevented aging. Once awakened, he thought the assigned S.H.I.E.L.D. agents were a group of Nazi soldiers who had captured him, but eventually realized that he was in a different time after seeing modern New York City. He found out his best friend, Bucky Barnes, had married to his fiancé and that all his loved ones were dead.[10]

After catching up to his new era, the Ultimates were faced with the Hulk. Rogers was able to put down the Hulk briefly in combat. When he was about to inject the Hulk with the antidote, Hulk made a surprise attack and broke the needle and Hulk then began beating Cap, until Thor came to the rescue. After Hulk had reverted back to Banner, Cap knocked him out and had him taken back to the Triskelion.[11]

At one point Rogers and the rest of the Ultimates were ordered to approach Hawk-Owl (Jack Danner) to try and recruit him to the Ultimates team, Hawk-Owl declined and fought Rogers when he attempted to order and threaten him. The two had to be separated by Giant-Man, with Rogers' Ultimates teammates remarking that they were nearly evenly matched. Rogers attempted to continue following his orders to bring Hawk-Owl into the Ultimates but eventually conceded and left the property but not before informing Hawk-Owl that he believed Hawk-Owl would get his adopted son Hank Kipple killed.[12]

After learning his teammates Hank and Janet Pym's domestic quarrel had left Janet hospitalized and nearly dead, Rogers tracked the now-fugitive Hank Pym to a bar and engaged him in combat, emerging victorious. He brought Janet flowers and other gifts afterward, but she was not amused by his actions and rejected his gifts. Rogers soon discovered that his nemesis, Herr Kleiser, had survived World War II due to his alien abilities. Cap had previously stated that he had killed Kleiser "twice." When Kleiser resurfaced, Captain America and Kleiser resumed their rivalry. [13]

Cap takes down Kleiser.

During the Chitauri invasion, Rogers fought Kleiser in combat, but was unable to defeat him due to his regenerating capabilities. When the Hulk was dropped into their battle, he convinced Hulk that Kleiser was "all over Betty Ross", causing Hulk to mutilate and eat Herr Kleiser, ending Kleiser once and for all. After the successful battle against the Chitauri, Rogers danced with Janet Pym at the White House[14] and a relationship between them bloomed.

During the Ultimate War, the Ultimates battled with the X-Men after Magneto was found alive and the Ultimates jumped to the conclusion that the X-Men had joined the Brotherhood[15]. Rogers led a strike against some of Magneto's followers who had brought down the Brooklyn Bridge, killing hundreds of innocent people.[15] Cap then discovered that "Lucky Jim" Howlett who he had known during WWII operations in 1944 and '45 was presently known as Wolverine, a member of the X-Men, and who he was surprised to find largely unaged.[16] After an attack by Magneto Rogers was even more determined to take him and the X-Men down.[16] During the battle Captain America called Wolverine by his given name, causing Wolverine to become disoriented. Rogers did this on purpose to gain a tactical advantage so he could fired a machine gun into Wolverine, rendering him unconscious. Rogers and the rest of the Ultimates, other than Janet, were then telepathically paralysed and all but Xavier, who Rogers believed to be a cult leader, escaped.[17]

Norman Osborn's "Six"

During the Ultimate Six event Rogers led the Ultimates in the arrests of Electro and Kraven the Hunter. Later those two – along with the Sandman, Doc Ock, and Norman Osborn (Green Goblin) — escaped from S.H.I.E.L.D. Cap becomes very disheartened when he found out that these villains, other than Kraven, were all a result of trying to duplicate the Super-Soldier Serum. During an attack on the White House lawn, Rogers wrestled with Spider-Man, neither overpowering the other. Rogers then explained to Spider-Man that his aunt was safe with S.H.I.E.L.D. and Rogers fought the Green Goblin, landing several hits while not being hit once. After the escapees had all been detained once again Rogers spoke with Fury about Fury's belief that the next war would be a genetic one and informed Fury that people in power often will wars into existence, in reference to Fury keeping Osborn alive and continuing to studies his genetics.[18]

The Coming of Gah Lak Tus

A signal was being broadcast across the planet which Nick Fury believed to be part of a terrorist operation. The signal was capable of hacking television and phone networks and showed up in every language across the planet, displaying the annihilation of an alien civilization. Some people were so badly affected by what they saw and heard that they committed suicide after viewing it. Cap was sent alongside Fury, Ultimates teammate Black Widow and newcomer Sam Wilson (Falcon) to investigate the Tunguska area of Russia where the signal was originating from and infiltrated an underground complex.[19]

Cap and the rest of his team came under attack from the failed Super-Soldier experiment Unicorn who Fury and Black Widow killed after Falcon injured him.[20] Cap wasn't pleased when they discovered the truth about Unicorn and the other experiments, that they were created because Russia feared the United States might rediscover how to make Super Soldiers and attempted to make ones of their own. He also didn't appreciate Black Widow continuing to blame their existence on him as they came up against more cyborgs while exploring the facility, despite Black Widow being the product of a Russian Super-Soldier program herself.[21]

As they continued on they came across Alexei Shostakov (Red Guardian) the most successful of the experiments despite still being insane and carrying a shield made of human skin ringed with sharpened bones. Cap found what had happened in this complex an insult to the Russian soldiers he had known in WWII and urged the others on while he stayed behind to take Red Guardian down.[21] Cap and Shostakov fought, with his opponent believing that their fight was about pride, Cap informed him fighting was about winning before killing him by stabbing him with one of the sharpened bones from Red Guardian's broken shield. Cap reunited with the rest of the team who, alongside the X-Men had found Vision, the source material used to create the Super-Soldiers. Cap helped to bring an end to the fight between his team and the X-Men by distracting Wolverine and throwing a grenade at him before they learned of the coming of Gah Lak Tus from Vision.[22]

Steve was later briefed on the imminent arrival of Gah Lak Tus and spoke with Nick Fury and then Sam Wilson about how these events had caused him to question his religious beliefs, as he had previously believed that God had made people strong enough to fight anything but now they were up against something so much bigger than them that seemed impossible for a soldier to fight. Cap and Falcon then responded to what they believed was a bombing but which actually turned out to be Misty Knight under attack from one of the Heralds of Gah Lak Tus. Cap and Falcon failed to apprehend him and Cap insulted and aggravated Misty by arresting her.[23]

Cap was present for the interrogation of Heather Douglas and figured out that the Heralds were perverting the idea of God and Heaven to encourage suicide among their followers to soften up the human race before the arrival of Gah Lak Tus, an idea that Cap was personally disgusted by. With backup from Captain Marvel Cap was able to capture one of the Heralds.[24] Cap and others would then engage an army of Heather Douglas clones who were trying to stop them from telepathically contacting Gah Lak Tus who they viewed as a god just as Gah Lak Tus was making its final approach towards Earth. Cap and the others were able to hold the clone army back while Charles Xavier and Reed Richards managed to scare Gah Lak Tus from Earth.[25]

Confrontation With Thor

Cap and select members of his team (kept nearby as backup for him) participated in a rescue mission in Northern Iraq to retrieve several captive aid workers, despite Fury's previous promises that the Ultimates would only be deployed on American soil, leading some including Larry King to wonder how long it would be before they were sent to interfere with other countries.[26] Almost immediately after this, the Ultimates came under fire from the press and public due to the belief that Thor had revealed that Bruce Banner was indeed the Hulk. Cap went to confront Thor who assured him he wasn't involved in leaking the information and attempted to tell him that he believed his half-brother Loki was involved.[27]

When Bruce Banner was believed to have been executed, Steve read the eulogy at his funeral which named the Ultimates as his best friends to their surprise.[28] Cap was then called to Brussels to deal with Thor who had attacked Italian police officers after the officers themselves began to violently deal with a crowd peacefully protesting European Super-Soldiers and were manipulated by lies from Loki Odinson in disguise to take him down. Cap and the others moved on Thor in Norway where Thor attempted to get them to believe he was telling the truth about his origins. Cap and the rest of the Ultimates as well as the European Defense Initiative fought Thor, with Cap using a flamethrower against him, Thor almost defeated all of them single-handedly before he was eventually captured when his power belt was removed by Quicksilver.[29]

Betrayal and Liberators Invasion

From then on the Ultimates became more involved in foreign affairs, with America attempting to control natural resources from Third World countries and performing preemptive strikes on other nations, including forcibly disarming and bombing Azerbaijan with the help of the European Defense Initiative, claiming it was for the peoples 'own good', exactly as Thor had warned them they would be used.[18] The Ultimates' actions ultimately led to several nations secretly forming their own superhuman team, dubbed "the Liberators". Captain America was framed by Black Widow for the assassination of Hawkeye's family and was hastily subdued and imprisoned in the Triskelion. He had been visiting Bucky for consolation after the bitter ending of his relationship with Janet. Rogers' 1940s personality and values created a generation gap between them, leading Janet to secretly spend time with her abusive ex-husband which Fury's surveillance revealed to Rogers and led to the argument that ended their relationship when Janet admitted she wanted to sleep with Hank.[30]

When the Liberators invaded America, Rogers was freed by the Wasp and defeated the Schizoid Man while escaping. He and the Wasp soon reached the White House where they met with Hawkeye, Nick Fury, the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. Rogers dueled with his Liberators counterpart, the Colonel and emerged victorious after stabbing the Colonel in the chest with the broken end of one of the double-bladed energy sword that the Colonel used, after the Hulk used Cap's shield to cut off the Colonel's hands.[13]

After the Liberators were defeated, Loki revealed himself as for who and what he really was, unleashing an army of Norse monstrosities on Washington, D.C. which were quickly defeated with the help of reinforcements from Asgard. Steven Rogers somberly watched the Colonel's body being removed by S.H.I.E.L.D., feeling some similarities in their origins and remembered the Colonels words about America's current role in the world. Seeing that the Ultimates role in "policing" the world for the US Government would lead to more Liberators-style outcomes, Rogers and his team decided to leave S.H.I.E.L.D..[31]

Rogers would then personally aid in recovering the bodies of those killed during the Liberators invasion and occupation with the help of Sam Wilson before teaming up to take down an escaped artificial intelligence of Arnim Zola's mind and his white supremacist group the Marauders, who were using the damage and destabilization caused by the Liberators as a distraction in order to use Zola's bioweapon to kill all the non-white people in the world.[32]

Sometime before Nick Fury temporarily left Earth-1610, Rogers worked with the Ultimates to try and take down a Venom possessed Spider-Man, though he was initially unaware that it was Spider-Man he was fighting, he later was present at a meeting where Nick Fury explained that they had Venom and were studying it.[33]

Ultimate Power

Rogers and his Ultimates team were called in for backup when the Squadron Supreme of Earth-31916 attacked the Baxter Building.[23] Rogers was then chosen as part of the team who traveled to the Squadron's Earth to liberate Reed Richards after he agreed to return their believing he was responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of people on that Earth. Rogers quickly became suspicious about what exactly Nick Fury knew about the situation.[29] Rogers was then part of an attack against the Squadron in their version of Washington, D.C. where Richards was being held.[34]

Rogers would then meet the Earth-712 versions of the Squadron Supreme when Scarlet Witch's powers accidentally brought them into the fight. Rogers spoke with that worlds Nighthawk who mistook him for the Captain America of the Avengers from another Earth.[35] Nick Fury unleashed the Hulk into the fray so that the combatants would be forced to team up to take him down rather than fighting one another, leading Rogers to try and order the Hulk to let go of people he had grabbed, causing the Hulk to instead throw them at Rogers. Once the Hulk was subdued Rogers attempted to reason with Hyperion for the return of Richards and Fury was offered up as a trade, as he had been responsible for everything on their end. After returning to their own world Rogers spoke with Tony Stark about how how he had never trusted Fury and how the amount of power the Scarlet Witch had displayed was worrying to him.[36]

Sometime later Rogers and his team would report to a breakout at the Triskelion caused by Norman Osborn, with Rogers single handedly taking down an escaped Vulture.[37]

Black Panther

Before the events of the Liberators' attack, Steve befriended T'Challa, the Black Panther, and trained him in for membership in the Ultimates. As the team's deputy leader Rogers was uncomfortable with the notion of working with a man about whom he knew so little. After Steve discovered that T'Challa's throat was heavily damaged, causing muteness, he pressed Fury for more information. Fury lied about the origin of T'Challa's scars, and about T'Challa's history with Weapon X, while also stating that everything about the "Black Panther" was classified. During this time Rogers was also upset to find that Hank Pym had been placed in Tony Stark's custody to help the Ultimates after they became independent.[38]

Captain America eventually established a communication with T'Challa and learned of the man's desire to return to Wakanda to see his father and that Fury had lied to him about T'Challa's background and history. Since no one but Cap had ever seen T'Challa's true face, Steve then adopted the role of the Black Panther in the Ultimates, enabling the real Black Panther the chance to return home.[38]

Before fully stepping into the role of Black Panther, Rogers was tasked with judging the behaviour of Zarda and found her wanting when she attempted to execute her opponent, the Wrecker, after he surrendered to her and would have been successful if Rogers hadn't intervened. Zarda believed herself above everyone else, drawing the comparison between a lioness and gazelles, as well as accusing Rogers of being a coward. Rogers challenged her to travel the country and experience what people had to offer.[39]

With the Ultimates' severed from S.H.I.E.L.D., Rogers secretly adopted the identity of the Black Panther with only Tony Stark and the real Black Panther knowing the truth[38]. As the Black Panther, Rogers fought an android version of Venom, which he believed to be the real thing, that broke into Stark's mansion where the Ultimates were based out of at the time. The day after this fight Rogers also learned, to his distaste, that the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver were in an incestuous relationship shortly before the Scarlet Witch was murdered.[6]

After receiving word about what happened to the Witch, Rogers, as Captain America, tracked down Hawkeye who was threatening Spider-Man, on the off chance that he had anything to do with the attack by 'Venom'. Rogers left the 15 year old Spider-Man tranquilized in the snow of Central Park to take Hawkeye with him. Arriving at the mansion they discovered it once again under attack, this time by the Brotherhood of Mutant Supremacy with Rogers facing off against Sabretooth before Quicksilver aided the Brotherhood in their escape.[40]

Wolverine arrived at the mansion, having planned on helping discover who killed the Scarlet Witch to discover the Brotherhood had made off with her body. Rogers tried to organize the Ultimates and Wolverine into two teams, one to track down the Brotherhood and the other to examine the crime scene at the mansion but had the teams changed as Janet was the leader of the Ultimates at the time. Rogers went with the search team in the guise of the Black Panther to the Savage Land. When they arrived in the Savage Land, Wolverine made it clear that he knew who the Black Panther really was.[41]

With Wolverine vowing to keep an eye on Rogers, and continuing to question why he was using a false identity, the team met with Ka-Zar and Shanna who wanted vengeance against Magneto for decimating their tribe and agreed to help them find the Brotherhood. The team split up and Wolverine and Rogers were attacked by the Juggernaut, with the Juggernaut literally beating Rogers' Black Panther costume off of him.[29]

Rogers revealed as Black Panther

Rogers beat the Juggernaut with the assistance of Wolverine but his teammates discovered his deception when they arrived in the Savage Land on the tail of Ultron, the Scarlet Witch's killer, and his team of android Ultimates. Rogers participated in the fight against the androids and the Brotherhood, decapitating his android self with his shield. Rogers and Hank Pym argued about the fact that Ultron was a creation of Pym's and the fact that he had broken his house arrest in aiding them but the Wasp used her authority as team leader to make Pym one of the Ultimates.[42]

Ultimatum and Requiem

Captain America was in New York at Tony Stark's mansion, trying to convince Stark to go on patrol rather than waiting for the next disaster to hit when the Ultimatum Wave hit. Rogers drowned but was initially rescued by Stark in his Iron man armor and heard Charles Xavier's telepathic message explaining that Magneto was to blame and must be stopped.[43]

Shortly after hearing the message Rogers stopped breathing, his body was brought to the Triskellion by Iron Man where attempts were made to revive him when his heart stopped. Rogers had passed into Valhalla where he battled alongside Thor who was fighting the hordes of Hela, the goddess of death, in an attempt to have Valkyrie revived after she too had died.[44]

Rogers and Thor fought the seemingly endless horde until they were all defeated. Hela offered to return Valkyrie to life but only in exchange for Thor's life, Rogers offered to stay believing himself to already be dead but Thor wouldn't allow it and Rogers woke on the Triskelion and immediately learned of Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne's deaths which made him more determined to save the world.[45] Rogers then lead the Ultimates against Magneto in his Citadel at the arctic circle but was pinned under debris while the fight went down.[46]

While aiding in the relief effort in New York City, Rogers found the unconscious body of Spider-Man buried under rubble and discovered that he had in fact survived the events of Ultimatum.[47] Rogers would then arrive at the now demolished Xavier school to pay his respects to the dead X-Men who were killed fighting against Magneto. When he arrived a fight had broken out with members of the Brotherhood, there to attempt to team up with the remaining X-Men despite their previous actions, which Rogers stopped by decapitating their robot Assemble. Rogers then stayed while the dead X-Men were laid to rest.[48]

Red Skull & Avengers

Steven Rogers (Earth-1610) from Ultimate Avengers Vol 1 4.JPG

Three weeks after the events of Ultimatum, the Ultimates were again working with S.H.I.E.L.D. when Captain America and Hawkeye fought a group of AIM terrorists in Chicago who stole valuable and powerful technologies from the Baxter Building. After defeating a majority of the terrorists, Cap encountered the Red Skull, who easily beat him. The Red Skull then shockingly revealed to Steven that he was his own son before throwing him out of a helicopter. Cap was saved by Hawkeye.[49]

Believing the Red Skull to have been telling the truth, Rogers went rogue to find out the truth for himself. After learning that the Red Skull was indeed his son by Gail Richards, Captain America decided to personally confront his son. He abandoned the Ultimates and attacked S.H.I.E.L.D. agents in the process. Rogers later infiltrated the Army's computer database and discovered the truth about the Red Skull.[8] Cap was then tracked to Paris, France but knew the Avengers were after him and who had been placed on the team.[50] Rogers placed tracers on Nick Fury's Avengers, who were coming to capture him and planned on following the tracers to his son, who the Avengers were also after.[51] After a brief fight, Cap managed to place tracers on War Machine, Nerd Hulk, and Black Widow. Cap was subsequently subdued and captured by the Avengers as part of his plan.[29]

Escaping the French S.H.I.E.L.D. guards, Cap stole a Tele-Plane (a fighter jet which teleports), and used it to teleport to Alaska, where the Avengers were fighting the Red Skull. When he arrived, Red Skull, who was wielding a Cosmic Cube, subdued Rogers's jet. However, Hawkeye gave cap the coordinates for the Red Skull's position and Rogers fatally impaled his son on the teleplane's nose, having no other choice. After the Red Skull was in custody, Rogers emotionally bore witness as Gail Richards reunited with her dying son before Nick Fury allowed him to be murdered in his hospital bed by the Red Wasp.[52] Shortly after this he went undercover as a Russian criminal, Joseph Petrenko the 'Red Hammer', to lure in and arrest the Punisher.[7]

New Ultimates

Steve Rogers was a member of a new version of the Ultimates, despite still doubting himself months post-Ultimatum,[53] aptly named the New Ultimates. Rogers and the team had renewed their connections with S.H.I.E.L.D. but retained their independence from them. The team came under attack at their new base of operations, on the site of the Triskelion, which was still being rebuilt post-Ultimatum Wave. The attack was orchestrated by the Defenders, a team who, like their former member Valkyrie, had previously lacked superhuman powers but had now come to possess them. The Defenders got what they had come for, Thor's hammer Mjolnir.[54]

The Defenders actions caused Rogers to question Valkyrie due to her prior membership with the team. Rogers threatened to kick her off the team if he she didn't tell him everything she knew and didn't believe what she told him, leading the two to fight and Valkyrie to escape him. Rogers was called to Central Park to fight an army of Rock Trolls who, unbeknownst to him, were led by Loki and Amora. Rogers and the team came under attack from Valkyrie, Zarda and Carol Danvers who had been affected by Amora's power, causing them to lash out against people they had problems with. Valkyrie split Roger's shield in half before knocking him unconscious with the hilt of her sword.[53]

Rogers was then tied to the top of a New York sightseeing bus, alongside Iron Man and Hawkeye, and led through the streets to humiliate him and display Loki and Amora's victory. Carol Danvers was revealed to have been faking her mind control and aided in their escape, alongside Black Panther who used his claws to cut Rogers free as well as the other New Ultimates who helped them retreat to the Triskelion where they recuperated and rearmed. Rogers developed a plan which included a full scale assault on the Rock Troll army to distract Amora enough for Hawkeye to shoot her with an arrow through the heart from a distance to avoid being affected by her powers. Freed from the mind control Valkyrie attempted to kill Loki and was instead ran through with her own sword. Rogers held her in his arms while she died, learning that she felt she had done the right thing as the sacrifice of her life was used to free an enraged Thor from Valhalla.[55]

Thor was so deeply affected by Valkyrie's death that he attacked Rogers for holding onto her dead body before going on a rampage as he sought out Loki. Rogers and his team were then approached by Loki who used his powers and lies to attempt to manipulate them into believing that Thor was a bigger danger than him.[56] Rogers believed that Thor's anger was due to Loki but was forced to fight him anyway when the wrath Thor was unleashing began causing widespread destruction on New York. Thor was eventually calmed by the arrival of his dead love who had become a true Valkyrie in death and who stopped Loki. After these events most of the New Ultimates left the team and Rogers was gifted with a new shield from Thor, forged by Dwarven blacksmiths for him which he used to fight the Defenders with as payback for their own earlier attack.[57]

Frank Simpson

Rogers worked for S.H.I.E.L.D., under Carol Danvers command and teamed with MI6 for a joint infiltration mission in North Korea. The North Korean government had contracted a mercenary who was helping with their attempts to secretly mass-produce Super-Soldiers like Captain America against international law. Because of the sensitivity of western nations entering the country, it was intended to be a black-ops mission to avoid being identified. To the British team's dismay, Rogers disobeyed instructions and appeared in his usual gear, clearly identifying himself as he refused to do otherwise despite the mission.[58]

Rogers beaten by Simpson for the second time

During the mission, they went to investigate and confirm the progress of the enemy's super soldier development, but found their Super-Soldier, Jung, dead and burning. As the MI6 agents tried to salvage the mission, Cap gave chase and, to his surprise, was out-matched. He would find out his opponent was Frank Simpson, the Captain America of the Vietnam War. Rogers tracked Frank to the remote Cambodian village of Saloth where he severely underestimated and was beaten by the villagers, who had also been injected with Frank's Super-Soldier Serum.[59]

Frank imprisoned Rogers and took this as an opportunity to help Rogers "open" his eyes to the truth. Everyday, Frank would force Rogers to listen to his historical lectures on American international interventions and crimes. He would force Rogers to watch and learn of the horrors the American government had done to other people, while simultaneously torturing him, in hopes that Rogers would finally understand him. However, Rogers resisted the entire time. Frank eventually lost his patience and planned to execute Rogers. However, Steve was able to get the upper hand after spitting venom in Frank's eye which he had ripped out of a cobra seconds before when Frank left him alone to pray, which Rogers saw as a miracle from God. Steve managed to subdue him after telling him that he knew everything Frank had told him beforehand but still had faith in America. Frank was taken into custody by S.H.I.E.L.D. and Rogers decided to return the favor and read Frank the Bible to try and reawaken his faith, while Frank was strapped down in custody.[12]

Blade Vs. The Avengers

When Vampires infiltrated the superhuman community by turning some of their numbers, Rogers approached Fury and offered to be part of a team to hunt them down, at first only believing them to have gone missing.[60] Unbeknownst to Rogers, Nerd Hulk had been turned into a vampire after Rogers declined his request to join the New Ultimates due to his lack of fighting skill and military prowess, with Rogers and the makeshift Avengers team tracking him down when he seemed to go missing. While searching the sewers Rogers happened across the young second Daredevil who had been turned into a Vampire, Rogers approached him unawares and was quickly fed upon by him.[61]

After the Vampires made their escape Rogers was airlifted to the Triskelion where they attempted to contain the infection that was turning him. While the doctors were still working on him, Blade, a Vampire hunter, infiltrated the building to stake Rogers through the heart. Rogers woke as a Vampire before Blade could kill him though and attacked and fed upon him.[62] S.H.I.E.L.D. personnel were unwilling to fire on Rogers but Blade managed to get free and shoot Rogers who quickly escaped. Rogers tracked down Nerd Hulk seconds after he had made himself the Vampires king and was part of his army of thousands to attack the Triskelion, facing off against Perun but found himself unwilling to kill.[29] Rogers immune system beat the Vampire infection and ended the fight by using Perun's hammer to teleport the entire Triskelion site to Iran where it was daytime, killing the Vampire army and decapitating Nerd Hulk before he could burn to death.[63]

Rogers would aid in getting Tony Stark medical attention soon after and the day after Rogers saved the Triskelion he, and other members of his team, were involved in an operation in Bulgaria trying to recover stolen Super-Soldiers. Rogers and the other Ultimates discovered one of the experiments Mimic who died painfully shortly after being released, Rogers fed truth serum to one of the men who claimed that Nick Fury had orchestrated the theft.[64]

Death of Spider-Man & Fallout

Quote1.png Are you kidding? You took a bullet without even hesitating. When you grow up, you're going to be the best out of all of us. Quote2.png
--Captain America

Prior to the Death of Spider-Man, Rogers was asked, alongside Tony Stark and Thor, for his opinion on Peter Parker (Spider-Man), whether he was an asset or not. Rogers related an encounter with Spider-Man where in his opinion the young hero got in his way, made things more difficult for him and accidentally webbed him, leaving him viewing Spider-Man as an idiot who wasn't ready for what he was doing. Rogers ultimately viewed Spider-Man as being too young and needing to be grounded or jailed rather than trained. Despite Rogers opinions it was agreed that Spider-Man would be given training.[65]

When it came time for Rogers to train Parker himself he was reluctant and lectured Parker on his immaturity and the fact that Rogers didn't believe he was fighting smart or like he knew his life, and the lives of others, depended on it. Parker was insulted but their training was cancelled by the breakout of Norman Osborn and his Six as well as Fury's Avengers team having seemingly gone rogue in the city.[66]

Rogers and his Ultimates team believed that Nick Fury had been selling secret and Super-Soldiers, while Fury and his Avengers believed Carol Danvers to be the traitor. This culminated in an all out battle between the Ultimates and Avengers across New York City. When Rogers was confronting Nick Fury on the Queensboro Bridge the Punisher, working for Fury, took a shot at him and Parker pushed him out of the way in time, taking the shot himself.[67][68] Rogers attempted to give Parker medical aid and congratulated his courage but was forced to leave him, with medical professionals on their way to him, when War Machine hit the Bridge and sent Rogers into the water. After Fury was placed in custody, Rogers went to Stark's penthouse and helped care for him as he suffered the aftereffects of chemotherapy while they and others discussed recent goings on.[69]

Rogers and his team learned from Fury's Avengers that Gregory Stark was behind an uprising in North Korea, utilizing superhumans that he himself had designed and chose to get involved.[70] Rogers was aware that if word got out that Gregory Stark had been supplying anti-government rebels with superpowered operatives it would cause major international incidents so the Ultimates and Avengers teamed up to take down one hundred superhumans in the heart of Pyongyang. Gregory arrived and was able to wield Mjolnir against them, using it to once again shatter Rogers' shield. After Gregory was taken down they learned that North Korea was just a distraction while the leadership in Iran was overthrown, a plan that Rogers believed was a smart move.

Grief-stricken and ashamed for the role he played in the death of Spider-Man, Rogers finally confessed to his actions to Peter Parker's Aunt May at the funeral, telling her he believed it was his fault that Peter had died. In anger, Aunt May berated him for his actions before slapping Rogers and leaving the church.[19] Unable to cope with events, Steve quit being Captain America.[71]

Not long after Parker's death, Asgard was destroyed by the Maker and his Children of Tomorrow, Nick Fury traveled to the desert of New Mexico where Rogers was living still deeply guilty about his role in Parker's death, and where he tried and failed to convince Rogers to retake his role as Captain America. Rogers didn't see how he could help tip the scales given how serious the problem was but Fury wanted him as more of a symbol than anything else. When Fury suggested Rogers publicly speak against the President sending people in against the Children and their city, and thus wasting their lives as they were inevitably killed, Rogers asked him to leave as he would not become a 'traitor' as well as a 'murderer'.[52]

Divided We Fall & United We Stand

Rogers then moved to Alaska. However, after watching the American mainland be invaded and purged by the Nimrod Sentinels on TV, he decided to return to action.[72] Rogers fought against militia forces in New Mexico, wearing a new uniform that was more heavily armored, before being quickly backed up by Iron Man and Thor.[73]

Rogers and the others were quickly called to the Triskelion in New York City after the state of Texas, having declared itself a separate Republic, threatened to launch nuclear weapons against the United States. After arriving, Rogers was shocked to learn that there was a new Spider-Man operating in the city. Rogers was worried about a possible repeat of Peter Parker and also viewed Miles Morales as being too young to wear the uniform as he was only thirteen. When Morales was accused of the murder of the Prowler, Rogers resolved to speak to him. Rogers watched as Morales took down Batroc the Leaper, a jewel thief, on the way to a meeting with May Parker and Gwen Stacy which he interrupted.[74] Rogers attempted to tell Morales he couldn't be Spider-Man and threatened to jail him if he disobeyed his order, before leaving to respond to a situation at the Lincoln Tunnel. Rogers fought against the Rhino, who Morales arrived to help him with and took down when Rogers could not. Rogers agreed that he could continue being Spider-Man as long as he was trained.[75]

Rogers and his Ultimates team made their way to Dallas, having to move quickly to avoid a nuclear incident which they narrowly managed, and helped to reunite Texas with the rest of the nation.[76] California also seceded into its own nation and used dangerous Wasp drones, designed by the late Hank Pym, to secure its borders which leads to over a hundred deaths. Rogers requested that President Howard allow him to intercede but was told to stay out of California and instead continue helping with the reunification efforts in Dallas. The President told Rogers to let California deal with itself, leading him to consider taking matters into his own hands. Rogers met with Nick Fury to discuss events and admitted that it might have been better had he agreed to speak out against the former President before these events began as Fury had asked him to. Rogers decided to once again 'resign' his position as Captain America so he could go to California to save the lives of refugees under fire from the Wasps, leading the Ultimates alongside him. With footage of Rogers protecting the lives of the refugees garnering national attention, he was elected President of the United States as a popular write-in vote during a recall election when President Howard's legitimacy as President was called into question.[77]

After receiving this news, Rogers headed to New York where he was approached by Spider-Man who told him he wanted to join the Ultimates. Rogers wasn't impressed with this, viewing Spider-Man as still being too young as well as him having terrible timing. As Rogers was telling him no, another succession group known as Hydra, attacked the Triskelion by firing upon it with a Quincarrier. Rogers was saved from potentially falling to his death by Spider-Man who refused to let him fall even when threatened at gunpoint. Spider-Man worked alongside Rogers, aiding him in the fight against Hydra and helping to take down the Quincarrier. The aid Spider-Man provided convinced Rogers that he was wrong and that the kid did indeed have what it took, earning him a place on the Ultimates.[78]

Cap becomes President

Rogers was sworn in as the President and addressed the nation and world from the Triskelion. Rogers swung straight into action, leaving the press conference to stop a war from breaking out between North Carolina and South Carolina with other members of the Ultimates. Rogers continued his attempts to reunify the country by taking care of a militia who had Detroit under siege. Rogers came under target from officials in the government who were working alongside a man they knew as Morez, seeking to gain power for themselves. Director Flumm, who was in command of S.H.I.E.L.D. at the time, attempted to have Rogers assassinated and was attacked by Black Widow who attempted to place him under arrest. Flumm believed he had succeeded but Rogers crashed his jet into the Triskelion to confront him and shut down those in government working against him and his goals of bringing the country back together and back into peace.[4]

Rogers led the Ultimates during the battle for Wyoming against Hydra and the man known as 'Morez' who was revealed to be Modi Thorson. Rogers wanted to join the fight but was told not to, ignoring this request he rode out among the troops carrying the American flag, inspiring them to keep fighting. Rogers had made himself an irresistible target and was shot down off his vehicle. Modi gloated to Rogers about how he had used the Mind Gem to bolster Hydra's numbers and demonstrated its power by controlling Cassandra Lang one of the Giant-Women to fire upon the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier before turning Thor against him.[79]

While Thor kept Rogers restrained, Modi used the Mind Gem to make his dreams seem like a torturous reality before commanding his father Thor to fight against Rogers who was able to get him to resist long enough to destroy the staff that Modi was using to project the power of the Mind Gem through and knocking the Gem away from him. With many of Hydra now no longer under mind control, Rogers' troops were able to turn the battle in their favor while Rogers watched as Thor killed his only son to stop him. The battle won, Rogers and the Ultimates had the country reunified and at peace one more. During the fighting, Rogers' life was saved at least once by Spider-Man.[80][81]

After the defeat of Modi and the Sentinels driven by the consciousness of William Stryker, Rogers met with the young leader of the Mutant Resistance, Kitty Pryde, and offered her and her people a choice. The Mutants could either accept the offer of a virus that would remove their X-Gene or keep their powers and go to live on a Mutant reservation, which would come to be known as Utopia or Reservation X.[82]


Rogers continued to operate in the field despite the increased media presence and scrutiny making his role as Captain America more difficult for him, causing him to rely greatly on Carol Danvers his chief of staff. Rogers was called to Florida where the Titanium Man was causing destruction and targeting a nuclear power plant to commit suicide. Rogers and Thor managed to talk him down and arrested him, though Iron Man wanted him to help rebuild America from his jail cell.[83]

Rogers met with Spokesperson Ford, the man who got California's governor elected and was unimpressed to find something having to play political games, throwing Ford through a door when he felt he was threatening America. Rogers then responded personally when remaining members of Hydra attacked the Chicago Stock Exchange, taking them down quickly, returning to the Triskelion where he was briefed on the fact that the remaining scattered Hydra cells were seemingly being supplied with S.H.I.E.L.D. weaponry by one of their own, Nick Fury using the name Scorpio.[84] Rogers decided to send Hawkeye to the Hydra camp in Nebraska he was operating out of, to confirm that it really was Nick Fury, leading Hawkeye to be captured.[85] When the Ultimates, sans Rogers, attacked the camp they discovered that Fury was in fact working undercover against Commander Crimson the leader of the Hydra 'Death's Head' cell, also a former agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. herself. Rogers decided to allow Fury to remain undercover, operating guerilla warfare strikes against Hydra as their way of fighting them hadn't been working.[86]

Rogers was again approached by Ford while visiting a WWII memorial, he again threatened Rogers, this time with the fact that if he didn't kowtow to their requests, California which declare independence again. Rogers had Hawkeye shoot an arrow at Ford's foot to scare him off, causing Ford to deploy members of the West Coast Ultimates, superpowered military operatives whose team had been shut down years prior by Nick Fury as they were unstable and often went out of control.[87]

Rogers was still dealing with politicians expecting him to fix their problems for them instead of working amongst themselves, leading him to continue feeling that his efforts were needed more in the field than they were in the office. The partially rebuilt White House came under attack by two members of the West Coast Ultimates, Tigra and Quake, which was actually a distraction while another operative, Vision, seized control of the J-RICE Orbital Energy Platform for Ford to use it as a weapon as part of a plan to convince the other west coast states to secede.[88] Quake realised that she and her team had been used and told Rogers about the plan, the platform would trigger its nuclear reactor if it impacted and Rogers couldn't allow that to happen and wouldn't back down, causing him to make his way to Sacramento where it was being guided to hit. Thor and Iron Man arrived in time to destroy the platform before it could make contact, with the Invisible Woman containing the blast. Rogers admitted that he viewed himself as a wartime president and that for the country to move on, and for him to continue being effective in the field, he had to resign as president effective immediately.[89]

Ultimates Disassembled

After resigning as President, Rogers returned to being a full time field member of the Ultimates and was present during a meeting in which the Invisible Woman informed S.H.I.E.L.D. and the rest of the Ultimates about the Infinity Gems she had been gathering alongside Thor. During this meeting, the Hulk and Reed Richards were both freed from their imprisonment in the basement of the Triskelion by Kang, destroying the Triskelion in the process. Kang stole the Gems they had gathered as well as the Infinity Gauntlets, allowing the Hulk and Richards to wield them against the Ultimates, despite Rogers trying to talk the Hulk down. Rogers and the rest of his team were no match for their foes so he ordered Thor to teleport the others to safety and to gather reinforcements while he kept them at bay alone but was quickly knocked unconscious by the Hulk. With Rogers now their prisoner the Dark Ultimates were formed.[90]

Rogers was held in the Negative Zone alongside an also captured Hawkeye whose eyes had been rendered blind, they were visited by Kang and Rogers attempted to attack her and question her as to their whereabouts but she evaded him with ease, leaving him to discover just where they were as she slipped away.[91] Thor was delivered to Rogers' cell badly beaten by the Hulk. Richards then used a Herbietron to display a mockingly old fashioned newsreel of what the Dark Ultimates had achieved back on Earth, seemingly positive things that Rogers still viewed as stolen freedom. The Herbietron was overtaken by the consciousness of Tony Stark, who had been able to digitize his mind before he died when Richards removed an Infinity Gem from his brain, and was able to free Rogers and the others.[92]

Rogers and the others made their escape and arrived at Aleph-One to confront Richards alongside Nick Fury and his Howling Commandos, prepared for a fight. Before they could engage Richards though they came against Kang who revealed herself to be an alternate future version of Susan Storm.[93] A fight broke out and Kang tried to secure the last of the Gems, Rogers was able to grab it and fought to keep it safe from the Dark Ultimates until passing it off to Tony who used their power to return his mind to his body and bring it back to life. Moments later the Gems were destroyed and Kang left them, stating that she had failed and would have to go further back into the past to 'save' them. Richards also stated the energy flux of the destroyed gems was the beginning of what Kang had tried to warn them about and prevent.[94]


Rogers was present for a meeting regarding Spider-Woman taking down Roxxon and learned that she was a clone of Peter Parker, he also supported her idea to continue investigating them shortly before the arrival of Galactus.[95] Rogers and the rest of the Ultimates arrived to face Galactus after he destroyed New Jersey. The Ultimates attempted to face off against him but were unable to do any damage to him,[96] realising this Rogers directed the Ultimates to aid local law enforcement in evacuations while they attempted to plan, soon after Rogers informed Spider-Man that he was needed for their plan.[23]

Rogers and the other heroes learned of Galactus' origins and allowed Spider-Man and Reed Richards to travel to Earth-616 to learn more about Galactus and if he could be defeated.[97] Rogers tracked down Kitty Pryde, who had come with the rest of the X-Men to see what was happening for themselves, and recruited her for a plan that Reed Richards had pieced together from his alternate's files on Galactus. Before they could begin to fully enact this plan Jean Grey accidentally revealed them to Galactus who attacked the Tricarrier. Rogers helped to delay and distract Galactus by commandeering a jet and using it to fly around Galactus and fire upon him before flying the jet straight into Galactus' mouth.[98] His shield was then found in the rubble by Storm after Galactus' defeat.[99] It was later confirmed that Rogers had died, civilians flocked to his public funeral in Washington, D.C. by the Lincoln Memorial and a private memorial was held for him at Stark Tower which was attended by his friends, family and the superhuman community.[100]


Captain America and his fellow Ultimates were resurrected by the Maker when he rewrote the Multiverse in order to merge all realities into one to help Eternity fight the First Firmament.[101] When the Ultimates from the Prime Earth arrived on Counter-Earth and confronted the Maker for his actions, which were actually giving the First Firmament the upper hand against Eternity, Captain America and his teammates were ordered by him to attack the other Ultimates, and kill them if possible. Eventually, the members of both teams realized they shouldn't be fighting each other, prompting Cap to confront the Maker as he began to remember the evil things the Maker had done in the past. When Cap accused the Maker of controlling the minds of him and his fellow Ultimates, the Maker responded by killing him.[102] Some time later, Captain America resurfaced in his native reborn universe, together with most of the Ultimates.[103]


Quote1.png Then you're talking about surrender.. and this "A" doesn't stand for France! Quote2.png
--Ultimate Captain America[src]

Rogers possessed differing morals from his 616 counterpart, showing no hesitation in performing 'shoot first and ask questions later' style operations. He possessed more of a "All-American" attitude and did not often questions anything that his government told him to do. Steven Rogers was seemingly anti-French, presumably because during World War II, people that served against the Nazi army, saw the French as being weak and utter defeatists after Nazi Germany quickly conquered France.[1] Furthermore, when Kleiser told him to surrender, it caused Rogers to become highly enraged and he first stated his anti-French sentiment, which was uttered in the infamous line: "Surrender? You think this letter on my head stands for France?" in the middle of his battle against Herr Kleiser.[104] Rogers overall character was one who stuck more closely to his 1940's roots and displayed clear jingoistic views as well as often serving as a military yes man.


Power Grid[119]
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Super-Soldier Serum Treatment: Rogers has underwent extensive experimental hormonal treatments to become a genetically perfected "super-soldier".[5][105] Dr. Erskine noted in his log that the Super-Soldier Serum success on Rogers may be attributed to "pure intent of the subject's will."[5]

Steve stopping a large tree.

  • Superhuman Strength:[105] Captain America's physical strength is enhanced to superhuman levels.[105] He is strong enough to lift at least 2-5 tons and much more if he pushes; for instance, Nick Fury stated that Steve could "bench-press a Toyota".[2] Captain America has been able to perform feats throughout his career such as stopping a 5 ton pine tree, which is capable of easily crushing Jeeps, from falling on a group of soldiers,[106] curling 500 kg/1000 lbs,[citation needed] and physically bending metal with his bare hands.[citation needed] He has demonstrated that he is strong enough to knock out people with normal durability with as little as a tap to the head.[107] He has also consistently shown the ability to hurt Hulk in hand-to-hand combat,[11][108] as well as pushed Peter Parker to his limits, who has lifted a 15 ton truck, during in their shoving match.[107] Rogers has shown enough strength to knock Giant Man to the ground.[108] On one occasion, he was able to hurt Juggernaut's face with his shield.[42]
  • Enhanced Speed:[105] Captain America is capable of running and moving at speeds beyond the finest human athlete.[102] He is able to run at speeds between 60 mph and 80 mph,[105][102] enabling him to run fast enough to expedite "eight or nine blocks" within seconds.[109]
  • Enhanced Agility:[105] Captain America's agility, balance, flexibility, dexterity, and bodily coordination are enhanced to levels that are beyond the natural physical limits of even an Olympic gold medalist.[105] He has the combined agility and acrobatic prowess of the most accomplished circus aerialists and acrobats.[105] He has been seen to perform his agility to killed many Muslim terrorists by using both of his legs to strike two men while twisting a man's head at the same time.[26]

Steve is injured after evading automatic gunfire.

  • Enhanced Reflexes: Captain America's reflexes border on superhuman level. His reaction speed is 40 kph, which makes it possible for him to dodge gunfire, even at short range, from multiple gunmen at the same time; however, on one occasion, it was seen that during his training, he can get shot by a bullet if there were too many to evade.[57]
  • Enhanced Stamina: Captain America's body eliminates the excessive build-up of fatigue-inducing lactic acid in his muscles and his musculature generates considerably less fatigue toxins than the muscles of an ordinary human being, granting him superhuman levels of stamina in all physical activities. He can physically exert himself at peak capacity for several hours before fatigue toxins begins to impair him. This kind of physiology grants him phenomenal endurance. He can even hold his breath underwater for 3 minutes. Agent Carol Danvers also remarked about Captain America's stamina, stating "Cap only needs an hour or two's sleep every week".[67]
  • Enhanced Durability:[105] Captain America's bones and muscles were far denser and harder than normal, meaning he could withstand great impacts such as falling several stories when escaping from the hospital by breaking through the windows,[110] sky-diving into the water from a height of 182 meters/600 feet,[26] or being struck by an opponent with super strength that would severely injure or kill a normal human with little to no discomfort.[111][11][109] He even withstood getting smashed down on top of a car by Giant Man's hand with little harm other than a sore body.[110]
  • Regenerative Healing Factor:[105] Captain America is capable of healing injuries faster than the average person.[112] He was able to heal from fracture ribs, a broken nose, and his broken left arm "in a day or two."[112] He has also become naturally immune to deadly poisons and illnesses.[63] Captain America can heal from severe injuries in days at a time.[105]
    • Contaminant Immunity: Captain America is seemingly immune to all Earthly diseases, infections, and disorders, and has never been shown to become ill after receiving the Super-Soldier Serum. He's impervious to gas attacks, poisons, and nerve-toxins of any kind and completely resistant to diseases like anthrax, smallpox, HIV and was even able to beat the Vampire infection that turned him.[63] His immune system is so powerful that "a half a pint of tetrodotoxin" showed no ill effects.[30] While imprisoned by Frank Simpson, he held snake venom in his mouth to attack Frank with no apparent effect to his own body.[113] Captain America was also virtually immune to intoxication by consuming alcohol.[5]
    • Suspended Aging: The Super-Soldier Serum dramatically slowed Rogers' aging process due to extensive regeneration of healthy cells.[5] Bucky once stated that Rogers' appearance was like he came out of a flashback picture.[110]
  • Enhanced Intelligence: Rogers' mental performance has been greatly enhanced, allowing his mind to process information quickly, giving him an accelerated learning aptitude. He can quickly analyze multiple information streams as well as rapidly respond to changing tactical situations. He have the ability to speed read, and high deductive reasoning skills.[12] Captain America was smart enough to hack into a database computer to find his son, Red Skull's records.[8]


Master Tactician and Strategist:[105] Captain America was "a tactical genius."[114] He has been considered one of, if not the greatest, tacticians in the Ultimate Universe both on and off the battlefield. He's capable of formulating sufficient victory plans in "less than a second",[109] and his brilliant tactical sense allows him to just as quickly alter any strategy of plan to fit the needs of the situation. A best example of his tactical is changing his World War II crew's pre-articulated plan within thirty seconds of drop-time after observing the approaching battlefield's variables, while commenting "the original plan had a hole the size of Iowa".[1] These seem to verify Nick Fury's comment that Cap "learns new skills faster than a damn computer."[8]

Master Martial Artist: Although Captain America had not been taught in numerous martial arts with various private instructors like his counterpart from the Marvel Universe. However, he has mastered several martial arts and practically utilized marine combat,[1] American boxing, and kickboxing.[8] He ultimately defeated Frank Simpson in both armed and unarmed combat.[113]

Weapons Proficiency: Captain America often used firearms in desperate times or situations where he and teammates were outnumbered, and would wield additional weapons to ensure victory.[1] He had used staffs, bludgeons, and was adept with swords. He likely received training with different kinds of weapons during his wartime for undercover infiltration missions in the event of not being able to use his shield.[105]

Master Acrobat: Rogers' years of training have made him an proficient in the field of acrobatics and gymnastics as well as a stunning aerialist.[citation needed]

Master Marksman: Captain America was often seen that he could throw most if not all projectile weaponry with great aim and was well versed in the use of firearms his masterful sharpshooter sniper.[105][26]

Advanced Military Operator: Rogers was well-versed in all Armed force disciplines including intelligence gathering, escape arts, assassination, demolition, survival tactics, hunting, swimming, mountaineering, march or drill skills, map making, map reading, decoding cipher and other secret code messages, reading and making wood craft signs and other secret code languages, disguising, interrogation, computers, explosives, communication systems, vehicles and electronic appliances used in armed forces.[citation needed]

Master Shield Fighter: Captain America's years of training and experience with his unique shield, as well as its physical properties, allows him to accomplish mind-boggling feats with the item. Aside from bashing foes with it and blocking incoming attacks, Cap is able to throw the shield with nearly perfect aim. He was able to hit multiple targets with the same throw by means of ricochet, and can even achieve a boomerang-like return effect with it, allowing him to strike enemies from behind or retrieve the shield without objects to ricochet from.[26]

Multilingual: Rogers was fluent in English, German, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, and other different languages.[citation needed]

Expert Vehicular Driver: He was proficient in driving cars, motorcycles, trucks, jets, tankers, helicopters, motorboats, submarines, army planes (including a Tornado IDS[104]), and some types of trains and utility vehicles.[29]



  • Captain America's Uniform: Captain America's suit was made of a Vibranium breast plate and bulletproof Kevlar. He additionally carried tactical devices and other items that a particular scenario may call for in his utility belt.[113]


  • Captain America's Shield: He used to carry around a nearly bulletproof shield made of only Adamantium in the Ultimate Universe. The shield was great aerodynamic properties: it was able to slice through the air with minimal wind resistance and deflection of path. Its great overall resilience, combined with its natural concentric stiffness, enabled it to rebound from objects with minimal loss of angular momentum. It was practically indestructible and capable at resisting penetration, temperature extremes, and all forms of energy; however, it was eventually destroyed, though soon replaced with an identical looking shield, except the new one was made in Asgard and was given to Rogers by Thor.[57] This shield, in turn, also appeared to be shattered by Gregory Stark's nanite powers,[115] but it had subsequently been shown as restored as well. He also employed firearms and various other equipment.
  • Triangular Shield: In 1945 he was only given a triangular shield that was durable enough to withstand gunfire.[1]
  • Adamantium Claw Gloves: Rogers previously utilised gloves with built in Adamantium claws, engineered for him by Tony Stark so that Rogers could assume the identity of the Black Panther.[38][29]


  • Tank: Captain America has used a specially designed M-1 Abrams Tank in the past, though it was destroyed by the Hulk.[11]



  • Rogers was once voted Sexiest Man in America.[116]
  • Rogers attended Tony Stark's bachelor party but as it was held at a strip joint he refused to go inside and instead waited outside to make sure Janet got home safe.[117]
  • Before Rogers became a Super Soldier he was short, thin and had a 'gimpy' leg that required him to walk with a cane.[5]
  • According to Nick Fury, since he was defrosted Steve had been addicted to modern daytime TV.[109]
  • Rogers reportedly hated the French.[51]
  • Rogers appears to be Christian.[27]

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