Secret Wars

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Steven fought in Battleworld and killed the Wolverine Clan. Arcade taunts Steven. Steven retaliates by trapping him in the mouth of Devil Dinosaur. However, he is brought before God Emperor Doom and Sheriff Strange. Stephen explained that Steve must go into the domain of Greenland and murder the Red King in exchange for Bucky's freedom. After he was sent, monsters attacked him. He was saved by the Hulk.[1]

When Steve woke up, he found out that he was spared by Doc Green. He attacked him, but was quickly overpowered. Later, Doc Green attempted to advise Steve. Steve rejected it. Steve suggested that they attack God Emperor Doom. Doc Green laughed him off. They are attacked by Hulks.[2]

Steve is a man bent on freeing Bucky. In fact, he sees it as his whole purpose. He attacks Arcade in order to gain information about his friends whereabouts. He dangerously attacked Stephen in order to save Bucky. [1]

Steve is also very quick to anger. He was very rebellious as he attacked Arcane and suggested to attack Doom. [2]

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